People lots of comedic movies or kid’s

People are always looking for new forms of
entertainment. From new TV shows, games, apps, or music, there is always
something new to be found. However, we did not always have access to this
technology. In fact, the first forms of electronic entertainment didn’t appear
until the start of the 20th century. Before then, you simply had to
go to the theater, opera house, or orchestra halls, and watch live
performances. One of the more popular forms of entertainment in the 19th
century was minstrel shows, which featured many variety acts including the
satirical “blackface” entertainment. However, In the 1890s through the 1920s, a
new form of entertainment spawned from these minstrel shows, Vaudeville.
Vaudeville was by far the most popular form of entertainment in its time
period. These shows featured variety acts such as dancing, singing, acrobatics,
and comedic skits. These shows were largely shaped around music of that time
period, and many performers, black and white, made their claim to fame in
Vaudeville shows.



            One of the most famous musicians of
that time period, was Scott Joplin. Scott Joplin was one of the earliest artist
to compose rag-time style songs, and because of this, was dubbed the “King of
Ragtime.” Scott Joplin is also widely recognized as the creator of many smaller
subsets of ragtime music. One of Joplin’s most famous songs was The Entertainer which was composed in
1902. Although you might not recognize the title, when you hear the song, you
will recognize instantly, because it is used in lots of comedic movies or kid’s
movies now-a-days. This song would best be suited for a comic style dance
because of its very “up and down” style, as well as its happy two-step style.
This song would best go with moves such as comedic clumsiness. I picture this
song to be to a dance between to people, pushing each other or fighting over
something. There are many other famous musicians of this time period, but Scott
Joplin is one of the most famous and inventive people of the Vaudeville era.

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            Another extremely famous musician of
the Vaudeville time period was King Oliver. King Oliver was a jazz band leader
during the Vaudeville era. Although he composed many famous works, his greatest
achievement was being the mentor to one of the most famous jazz musicians ever;
Louie Armstrong. Louie Armstrong composed some of the most famous pieces of the
19th century. One of King Oliver’s most famous songs is the Dipper Mouth Blues written in 1923. This
song would best go with a tap number because of its steady, driving beat.
Because this has a very consistent base, it would be easy to tap to. Although
this is King Oliver’s most famous songs, he has many more top chart pieces.



            James P. Johnson was another pioneer
of the Vaudeville era. Johnson is credited as the co-founder of stride piano. Together,
Johnson and Jelly Roll Morton created the style. Johnson has many famous works
in the style of stride piano. Johnson was seen as a model for Duke Ellington,
Fats Waller, and Count Basie. One of Johnson’s most famous songs is Carolina Shout written in 1929. This
song would best go with an acrobatic or leg-o-mania style dance because of its
upbeat and very peppy sound. This would lend itself nicely to a flash-act style



            The aforementioned Jelly Roll Morton
is also credited as a co-founder of stride piano. His composition Jelly Roll Blues, published in 1915, was
the first published jazz composition. Jelly Roll Morton also produced many
songs in the style of stride piano. One of Morton’s most famous songs was The Original Jelly-Roll Blues written in
1926. This would best go with a ballroom style dance because of its smooth
pattern. Although these weren’t all the composers of the Vaudeville era, these
are come of the most famous ones.