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People has their own ideology because ideology is an idea can influence people behavior or perspective. For example, the ideology of nationalism, according to Kristian Williams (2017) that quoted from Orwell, nationalism is an idea that the people who identifying themselves with large power unit which means not only a nation but it can be to a group, class, or race, and seeing everything in terms of competitive prestige. It means that nationalism is the way people to attach themselves with the greater entity, more precisely to the group that have more power such as government. Then, the nationalist has a special doctrine such a dogma which lead the nationalist accept the fact or information that only good for their nation or group, more precisely, to the “competitive prestige” of their nation or group.

Then, the combination of nationalism and propaganda becomes a politic matter if the purpose is to gain power or to maintain power. According to Gareth. S Jowett (2012) propaganda is a way to shape perception of the others by using information that has been planned to make them behave as the propagandist want. It means that to shape perception of others it needs the information that can promote the mutual satisfaction needs between the propagandist and the receiver. The effective way to spread the information to the public is using media such newspaper, poster, or television. For example, in 1933, German which in that time is led by Adolf Hitler realized that the role of propaganda is a vital thing in order to drive public opinion of German (Stout, 2011). Hence, Hitler established a Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Joseph Goebbels. This ministry’s aim was to ensure that the message was successfully communicated through art, music, theatre, films, books, posters, radio, educational materials, and the press. One of the propaganda that done is through article on “front der heimat”, a two-sided flyer for party members in Linz area that published in October 1939 (Randall Bytwerk, 1999). The flyer contains two articles about the importance of Hitler’s speech and prohibition of hearing foreign radio broadcast. The first article, in opening paragraph contains a persuasive word that told the Hitler’s speech filled in people thoughts and feeling. Then it told about the responsibility of the party members to protect the people of Germain to receive the information from outside Germain and ensure the Hitler’s speech as the absolute truth. The second article is about prohibition of party members to hear foreign radio broadcast and takes emphasis to anyone in the party member who dare to listening foreign radio broadcast would get heaviest penalties. Furthermore, those two articles indicate that the propaganda aimed to manipulate and controlling the party members to do not believe in any information from outside government. 

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