Part them into the equation, F =

Part 1The famous amusement park ride that is called the Gravitron is well known for spinning people very fast and making them feel as if they are being pushed onto the wall (Amusement Park Physics).The reason for this is Centripetal Force which is a force that acts on an object that is moving in a circular path directing towards the center,  or the location of the object. Inertia is the reason many people can enjoy this amazing ride. Inertia is the property of a body to resist changes to its state of motion.  In this instance, “inertia allows the body to resist the change of the spinning wall by staying on the wall” (Dunbar). Finding the centripetal force of the Gravitron amusement park ride requires the mass of a specific body that is riding the Gravitron, its tangential velocity, and the size of the ride itself to find out its radius. With this information, I can plug them into the equation, F = mv2/r, to find centripetal force in Newtons. The “v” represents the tangential velocity of the Gravitron in the equation. The tangential velocity of the Gravitron equates to 18.84 meters/second and the radius of the Gravitron is roughly 4535 meters. If the person that is riding the Gravitron has a mass of 70 kg, which is the average mass of a human being, then the centripetal force equals 5.5 Newtons. This exact force keeps an average person from falling off the ride while it rotates.Part 2 The Gravitron needs the presence of centripetal force and circular motion in order to keep its passengers safe and in a controlled environment where they do not fall off of the ride. It is very effective because it is a safe source of entertainment that uses proven science to ensure the safety of its passengers. If someone were to make improvements it would have to be dependent on the people that use it the most. If people wanted to slow down the ride in the interest of certain people, then the engineers would need to find a way to increase the friction to make it go slower. If there was no circular motion or centripetal force to act in the Gravitron then there would be no possible way for the ride to operate correctly