Part that has happened and all the


“Ethan tried to hide his
joy under an air of exaggerated indifference” (Wharton 56)

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This quote shows some
things about Ethan’s personality, as a individual he is very intelligent and
wants to be happy but in reality he lacks the emotional strength to really
express how he feels.

“I guess we’ll never
let you go, Matt,” he whispered, as though even the dead, lovers once,
must conspire with him to keep her” (Wharton 32)

This dialogue shows how
Ethan really likes to express his feelings but is awkward at times, this quote
shows the goodness inside of Ethan and shows he really just wants someone to
live life and be happy with. That is how the dialogue explains Ethan’s

“Ethan’s love of nature
did not take the form of a taste for agriculture. He had always wanted to be an
engineer, and to live in towns, where there were lectures and big libraries and
fellows doing things.” (Wharton 42)

This narration shows that
at one-point Ethan wanted to be a engineer who traveled and got to see much of
the States, he wanted to be a part of something lively where other people’s
happiness would rub off on him. That is how the quote shows Ethan’s wants,
desires, and ambitions even if he is never able to achieve them now.

“There was something
bleak and unapproachable in his face, and he was so stiffened and grizzled that
I took him for and old man and was surprised to hear that he was not more than
fifty-two. (Wharton 8)

This quote shows that
Ethan is so worn from everything that has happened and all the things going on
in his life that it almost looks like he is emotionless, he is torn apart on
the inside from the mourning he has had to go through, he looks like a old run
down man who has worked every day in his life.

“When a man’s been
setting round like a hulk for twenty years or more, seeing things that want
doing, it eats inter him and he loses his grit” (Wharton 13)

quote shows that because Ethan has done nothing but work and live through the
harsh Starkfield winters he is just deprived of all happiness and feeling of
self-worth, hence why he lost his will to live and tried killing himself along
with Mattie.





Dear Diary, (Ethan)


On that very snowy night
that he came into my home I did not know how to feel. I have not had someone
come to my home in a very long time. The last time someone new had come into my
home my life was changed forever. I already can hardly do anything myself
because of the last choices I made when someone new came into my home. I wonder
what he has heard about Zeena, Mattie, or I. I pray he does not know of the
foolish choice I made that night with Mattie. Of all places he could come to he
chose Starkfield. The weather is treacherous and very unforgiving. He could do
so much more with his life unlike me. I wonder what my life would be like if I
never married Zeena. Would I be living a life full of joy and excitement like
he does?  I am stuck here where I have
been all my life doing the same thing day after day, night after night. Now he
knows what it is like to come home to two people who have no life left in them.
To try and stay positive and joyful when no one else around you can. I feel
very sorry for putting him in this situation. Maybe he will even help cheer
Mattie or Zeena up!




Dear Diary, (Zeena)

On that snowy night that
Ethan brought that man to the house it reminded me of when Mattie first
arrived. All Ethan’s attention was on him. He was trying as hard as he could to
make him feel at home and make him feel happy. It reminds me of how it all started
with Ethan and Mattie. It is almost as if as soon as Ethan and Mattie broke my
pickle dish, that’s when our marriage fell apart. I thought I was the one who
needed to be taken care of but ever since the sledding “accident” I have had to
take care of Ethan and Mattie. Ethan should not expect him to stay a long time
because he knows I will not like that. That would be the downfall of me all
over again. I used to be able to stay home and do absolutely nothing. Well I
still stay home but I have to do things that Ethan or Mattie should be doing
for me. Hopefully Ethan does not try and have him stay longer than the night,
Ethan might say he loves him now just as a excuse to try and leave me all over
again. I hope Ethan does not expect me to help his guest feel welcomed at all.
I just want to be able to sleep in peace.


Dear Diary, (Mattie)

the snowy night that Ethan brought him I did not know whether to rejoice or to
mourn. Ethan already barley pays any attention to me anymore. Finally, someone
other than Zeena would be here with Ethan and I. Maybe he would help set a
better mood than the current one Zeena sets. After the sledding incident with
Ethan and I, I have not had any contact with anyone other than Ethan and Zeena.
I hate talking to Zeena because she makes me feel so unwelcomed and almost
seems happy about what happened to Ethan and I on that night. The only decent
thing Zeena has done is make a pie and that happened tonight. Neither Zeena or
I have had any contact with anyone besides Ethan in what feels like forever.
Having him here really makes me feel alive again. Zeena turned the fire on too
late so its freezing in the house. That makes the mood in the house a little
worse. Its freezing outside, not that the weather is ever good in Starkfield. I
do not know why he would want to come to Starkfield of all places, and come
into the Frome household out of all houses. Hopefully by tomorrow the people in
this house will seem a little happier!


a novel the setting has a big impact of the mood or atmosphere in the novel, in
Ethan Frome that is exactly what happens. The book takes place from the late
1890’s to the early 1900’s in a very cold and brutal place called Starkfield.
The weather that Starkfield has is very unforgiving. For example, “Guess he’s
been in Starkfield too many winters. Most of the smart ones get away “(Wharton
9). This quote shows that even the narrator can already feel the harshness of
Starkfield winter, it is already changing the narrator’s mood. This quote also
helps gives the feeling of isolation and loneliness because Ethan has stayed in
Starkfield for so long while all of the smart people get away. The book also
helps us understand from the beginning that Ethan has been through a lot more
than just bad weather. “But when winter shut down on Starkfield and the
village lay under a sheet of snow perpetually renewed from the pale skies, I
began to see what life there—or rather its negation—must have been in Ethan Frame’s
young manhood” (Wharton 10). This quote again helps set the mood of
isolation, but it also sets the atmosphere of denial or regret because it says,
“or rather its negation- must have been in Ethan Frame’s young manhood”. This
helps us understand that Ethan has had struggles through his whole life and
that quote is possibly trying to tell us that we are going to learn of the
struggles he had to face. The last example that sums up the mood that the other
quotes set is “I simply felt that he lived in a depth of moral isolation too
remote for casual access, and I had the sense that his loneliness was not
merely the result of his personal plight, tragic as I guessed that to be, but
had in it, as Harmon Gow had hinted, the profound accumulated cold of many
Starkfield winters”(Wharton 13). This quote once again sets the mood of
isolation or loneliness, and it also helps set the mood of tragic or sad. It
helps set the mood of tragic or sad because when it mentions Ethan’s plight or
his marriage it mentions it being Tragic and the whole book is based on what
happened to Ethan and it all happened because Ethan did not like his marriage
and wanted to leave.?