Paper Presentation: Sexually Transmitted Disease Essay

Paper Presentation: Sexually Transmitted Disease

STD or Sexually Transmitted Diseases are illness which is caused by infections which can be acquired from a certain person to another. The disease is also known as sexually transmitted infection because as it can be explained by science, this kind of disease is transferred or transmitted by a certain organism which could cause disease from a certain individual to another during the sexual contact.

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Sexually Transmitted Disease can be transmitted not only in literal sexual intercourse on either anal or vaginal but also in other intimate contacts such as the act of kissing, oral to genital activity, and even the use of sexual toys like vibrators. There are lots of sexually transmitted diseases which already spread everywhere and thus the most incurable type of it is the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS.

Case Scenario

Luisa a 35 year-old woman who lives in south jersey acquired a sexually transmitted disease from her husband. This situation is said to be psychologically and physically disturbing to both the couples because of the consequences that this kind of disease might cause. Being at the middle age of her life span, she is worrying about her current situation and she badly needs medical suggestions that would help her out of her worries. In this case discussion about the information on STD is very important to her and suggestion of medical centers that could help her with her condition would be a great deal.

In order to help Luisa to obtain information about ways on how to cure her disease, she could approach the South Jersey AIDS Alliance which is located at 19 Gordon’s Alley Atlantic City, New Jersey with the telephone number 609-347-1085 or 800-281-2437.  This center for STD aims to help people who are experiencing a problem regarding with STD diseases, they also tend to encourage those STD victims to establish a life out of shame and to continue an improving life. For the SJAA to execute such an effective life for the HIV/AIDS victims, they tend to have different programs such as Prevention Case Management which promotes testing, and education on preventing such diseases. They also have the SISTA Project, a program which tends to conduct sessions that build relationships between a single individual to another in order to generate their coping mechanism towards the society. Another program is the Healthy Relationships which tend to help a victimized couple to develop their problem solving regarding with the decision making about the issue and the behavior towards it (“Prevention Programs “, 2007).

Another center for STD is the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation which tends to help people with their programs such as free housing for those victims who could not afford their housing; they also give financial support for the utility equipments for the disease treatment, and they provide counseling which will help the victims to share their experiences and express themselves in order to lessen up their thoughts about the disease which is causing them too much burden in life. This foundation/center is located at 78 New street 2nd floor New Brunswick, New Jersey with the telephone number 732-246-4137 or hotline 1-800-433-0254 (“HIV Prevention / Project POW!

,” 2007).

STD causes lots of complications physically and emotionally especially in women’s part because as a consequence of this kind of disease, women tend to experience severe pain on the abdominal part, eye infections that could lead to blindness, cervical cancer, abnormal pregnancy such as ectopic, and social relationship conflicts (ORGANIZATION, 1995). The second most affected aspect of a victimized person is the psychological aspect in which an individual might experience sexual trauma. This psychological condition includes the adjustment or coping disorder, total depression and anxiety, self-violent behavior and psychosexual difficulties (“Clinical Psychology Services in HIV and Sexual Health,” 2002).

Surveillance and Report on STD on the year 2006

In the year 2006, the statistics on STD diseases seemed to be dominant still. CDC statistics and surveillance provided an estimation of the said disease which showed that the disease accounted into approximately 19 million persons are acquiring the infectious disease annually. This statistic surveillance stated that most of the disease’s victims are from those of young ones from the ages 15 to 24. STD diseases promote an impact not only to the victims’ psychological and physical status but also an economic burden such as paying medical costs which is said to be estimated as $14.7 billion dollars each and every year. The estimation of statistics as well as costs is accounted as a cause of the STD diseases involving Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and also Syphilis (USA.Gov, 2007).


The statistics shows that among the stated STDs, Chlamydia is said to be the most dominant kind. Research study shows that Chlamydia is experienced by mostly females of the adult ages and thus males who experience this kind of STD are lesser and regarding this, the ratio of the female to male who has this kind of STD disease are estimated as 515:173 wherein the 515 number represents the female and the males represent the other portion (USA.Gov, 2007).

Females whose ages are from 15 to 19 had the highest estimated account of Chlamydia victims which is said to be 2862.7 and the other females from 20 to 24 of ages are estimated 2797.0 (USA.Gov, 2007).

Graph of Chlamydia Disease year 2006

 (USA.Gov, 2007)

Effect of Chlamydia

            This kind of disease can easily be altered or cured through sustaining the victims with an antibiotic medicine hence, this kind of disease don’t show any kind of symptoms which makes it hard to be detected. If this kind of STD won’t be treated, it could cause to more complications such as PID or pelvic inflammatory disease for certain women who acquired this kind of disease, another is ectopic pregnancy or bearing a child outside of the female womb, and also infertility. The consequences of this disease to males include epididymitis and also urethritis which could cause men to experience severe pain and lead into fever. This disease could also cause male infertility (USA.Gov, 2007).


            This disease is the surveyed disease which is said to be the most common reported STD in US. This disease is estimated 358,366 numbers of cases which is reported on the year 2006which ration is 120.9/100,000 which means that there are 120.9 cases within 100,000 populations (USA.Gov, 2007).


 (USA.Gov, 2007)

Effects of Gonorrhea

            This kind of disease, just like Chlamydia, can easily be cured but they are difficult to be detected. This disease is also one of the primary causes of PID and it also causes ectopic pregnancy and infertility. This disease also causes men epididymitis, infection in the male’s testicles tissue which is defined as a painful effect of the disease. Regarding this, acquiring this kind of STD disease causes more risk to the victims which could lead into the acquiring HIV disease (USA.Gov, 2007).


            This disease is often detected in men which is said to be six times greater than that of the rate which is detected in females. This disease can be transmitted from a certain mother to her new baby (USA.Gov, 2007).

Effects of the Disease

            This kind of disease can cause complications within the human brain, cardiovascular organ, other organ damage, and worst is death. On the other hand, if a baby will be born by a mother infected by this kind of disease, the baby might come out as physically deformed or the baby might die the very hour that he or she is born. This could also cause neurological problems in children who survived the risk of the disease. This disease also increases the risk of acquiring other complications which could lead to acquiring HIV (USA.Gov, 2007).


 (USA.Gov, 2007)

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