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Naughty breakouts. Horrible rash. Pimples. Small red bumps. Painful lesions under your skin. These are just some of the symptoms we’ve all gone through in the past. Some of us are still experiencing most of those.  
Acne is a term to describe these and it occurs at any time of your lifetime. Majority of the people happen to experience acne in their teenage years, however it is very common to have the symptoms later or throughout life. 

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But have you ever wondered what does actually trigger your acne? Or maybe you have been desperately trying to understand the causes of your acne?

Well, there are a lot of different factors that might be causing your acne, however there are 4 main groups that can be distinguished as the core contributors to acne.

1. Stress
2. Hormones
3. Gut Health
4. Diet and Nutrition

First of all, let’s talk STRESS. No matter whether your day to day life consists of working full time or not, juggling loads of tasks, children, studies or anything else, the element of stress is impossible to avoid. However, have you ever wondered how much impact stress may be having on your skin? Studies by various researchers including Stanford University  have shown that there is a direct link between mental and emotional pressure (a.k.a. Stress) and your skin health. In fact, the stressful periods are linked to sebum which is a waxy substance that eventually clogs the pores therefore the more stress you experience, the more acne prone your skin might be.

Second and one of the most talked about acne triggers is Hormones. As you can imagine, this one might be difficult to control if you don’t know that it is causing your acne. Although human body’s primary function is to balance the hormones which keep the core functions running smooth and well, it is not always the case. Hormonal acne often appears because of the connection between testosterone (although primarily male hormone, also produced by females), androgen receptors in the skin and sensitivity to it. 
Essentially, hormonal acne might be more difficult to understand but it can certainly be treated. Here, at Natural Acne Clinic we help battling and treat hormonal acne daily. Click here to book a consult with one of our qualified Acne Specialist Coaches.