Organic Baby Food Essay

Organic Baby food would be monitoring the relationships with the business collaborators, the business strengths: the 5Cs, and their customers (Iacobucci, 2010). Integrated marketing communication is integration of all marketing tools, approaches, and resources within a company which maximizes impact on consumer mind and which results into maximum profit at minimum cost. Generally marketing starts from “Marketing Mix”. Integrated Marketing Communication (promotion) is the fourth component of Organic Baby food marketing plan.

Being an international company trying to export its organic baby food to the United States, Organic Baby food will use an international Promotion strategy. International promotion is a fundamental activity in an international company’s marketing mix. Once a product or service is developed to meet consumer needs and is properly priced and distributed, the intended consumers must be informed of the product’s availability and value. Promotion is one division of marketing mix.

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Promotional events consist of advertising (media, radio, commercials, etc. ) product promotion sponsorship marketing, advertising (by using different media), direct marketing, and database marketing public relations. Integrated marketing communication is integration to gain edge over competitors. Promotion policy is a key dynamic in imported trade. In addition, determining local or international promotions, the style promotion that Organic Baby food would be exhibiting the distribution systems available in the United States market.

With a direct export, Organic Baby food would have to handle all the costs of the promotion, however with an indirect export; the intermediary can share in this cost and participate in the design of it. By promotion Organic Baby food understand all those activities developed by the business marketing department to consolidate our farmer’s agriculture in the United States market, with the objective of increasing its sales, understanding, and image.

Promotion policy in foreign trade works within the structure of the marketing mix and applies to the country to which Organic Baby food would like to export: the United States. Another factor that’s going to play a big role in the promotion of Organic Baby food is the image of the country in the eyes of the importing country (United States). This factor is called the Influence of Country Image. The next thing that Organic Baby food would have to personally do with few executive team members is a business trip. This would help the business in order to prospect in the United States.

Marketing from east coast to west coast and by visiting recent merchants is called foreign trade. Currently it is the only way to get to know personally and discover the real situation of each market. These trips will have to be organized carefully because they are expensive. Organic Baby food would do a personal selling. It’s an excellent organization-controlled tool for reaching business customers and consumers on a personal basis to open dialogue, learn more about needs, present complex or customized information, or obtain feedback (Wood, B. Marian (2008) Developing Pricing Strategy). Organic Baby food would use e-communication and produce the products “Hi-Tech”. The electronic and internet communications does not relate to new tools for communication but new technology to communicate. Electronic communications will allow us to combine numerous graphics sound, video, and media – text in one message, which could result in extreme meaningful communications personalized to the nature of the business specific spectators.

Broadcasting (e-communication) imitates the capability to advance frequent communications for subcategories of the business market. Electronic communications is collaborating; which involves listeners in lively, two-way communications. In e-communication, the situation is reversed; consumers play the leading role. With traditional mass media consumers are exposed to a barrage of advertisements and commercials which he or she have no choice but to change the channel, turn the page, or watch the entire advertisement.

Consumers have no decision-making ability at that moment. He or she decides which advertisement to watch and how. This is a vital knowledge of the basic values and ethics of internet promotion. Traditional promotion ideas should be converted in order to create a successful internet advertisement. For these reasons, Organic Baby food would examine the main techniques and estimate the main characteristics of internet advertisement in order to touch a wider specific clientele.

Fluctuating prices on the world commodity markets give organic producers an insecure existence. The farmers as well as store owners export business in vegetables and grains which are controlled by a marketing board. Furthermore, volumes of organic foods are in an agreement a “baby food agreement”. The goal is to avoid unnecessary baby food rate fluctuation through a bigger inventory by helping increase and stabilize the trade salaries of baby food producers while defending the customer’s goods.