On course. After the visit, I saw

On 8th December 2017, I visited with other students from the honors program course the International Criminal Court in The Hague. My first idea of the visiting day was to gain more knowledge on how a criminal court system exactly works, and I did not really understand why this was related to the honors program course. After the visit, I saw the importance of visiting this court and it showed me more than my first idea. It became clear to me that people with other languages, since it is an international criminal court, need to have clear communication with each other, which is linked to the Inter-Cultural Communication course. I had never heard of interpreters within an organization and how this system works, which was explained during the presentation. Interpreters must interpret the original source material without editing, removing or other types of adjusting it while conserving the language level, tone and style of the narrator. Interpreting involves the use of cognitive and motor skills, which could include listening and reconstructing the message into another language. Also, I did not know that translators and interpreters are two closely linked linguistic disciplines. The main difference is that a translator has the ability to use library and dictionary materials to translate it precisely into the target language whereas the interpreter does not have the ability to use any kinds of library and dictionary materials. That is why these interpreters need to have a good listening skills since they need to memorize the words that the speaker is saying and translate it immediately into the target language, they need to tell someone’s truth (The Difference between Translation and Interpreting, 2018). This was really interesting to me, since it was the first time I heard about interpreters, but also about that the court uses interpreters and translators when communicating with foreigners. I was kind of familiar with how the court system works, but not at an international level. The whole day was very new and interesting to me, which made me aware how important it is to have good communication with others.