Nutrition Information Assignment Essay

Nutrition Information Assignment


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Title: The Plant Sterol Story: Using Food Choices to Help Manage Cholesterol

Fact: Naturally present in small quantities in fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, legumes and cereals, adding 2 grams of plant sterols to your diet can be an effective way of lowering your cholesterol. There has been over 50 years of research conducted in the area of plant sterols. Over 140 studies have shown that plant sterols can significantly reduce LDL cholesterol levels. Even the Food and Drug Administration feels there’s enough proof of this that they have authorized health claims in regards to labeling plant sterols as a way of lowering heart disease. Just two grams a day of plant sterols has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol 10%. Because of their proven ability to reduce LDL cholesterol, they have now been added to foods like margarine, orange juice, mayonnaise, smoothies and snack bars.


Title: Beans: A Very Powerful Vegetable

Fact: Research shows that diets that include beans may reduce heart disease, certain cancers, along with providing protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals to your diet. Unlike other protein sources, beans are low in fat, saturated fat free and cholesterol free. Both the federal government and research scientists are giving more attention to what they feel are the health attributes of including beans in one’s diet. The USDA recommends that Americans eat three cups of beans a week and they are listed in two categories of food in the recommended eating plan, MyPyramid. Because they are plant based and supply vitamins and minerals they are included in the vegetable group and because they are a good source of protein they are included in the Meat and Beans group. It is now even being recommended that those families with family histories of heart disease and certain cancers may reduce the established risks of heart disease and some cancers by including beans in their ongoing diet.


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