Nursing: Health Promotion Essay

World Health organization (WHO) defined health promotion is a process of enabling people to increase control over, to improve their health. It go beyond the focus from individual health towards social and cultural interventions ( world Health organization- health promotion 2013). Global conference held in Helsinki explains promotion of health not focused to a specific health problem nor to a special group, but the strategies applied to a variety of population group, risk factors and diseases in various settings (The 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion in Helsinki 2013).

Health care is evolving rapidly with education and technology to prevent diseases and promote health of public not only in specific group or to special behavior but also spread to wards national wide and reduce cultural disparities (Institute of medicine of the national academies – Roundtable on the Promotion of Health Equity and the Elimination of Health Disparities) Promotion of Health in Nursing Nursing is the major part of evolving health care system and health promotion is a most important aspect of nursing.

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Contemporary nursing not focus on single illness or specific group but nursing centered on education of public to improve and promote healthy living. Public health nursing established as a special nursing at this time to providing scientific knowledge to public in preventive health care (ANA evolving public health nursing focus on health promotion). Public health nurses have an inevitable role to achieve improvements in the health and social conditions especially with vulnerable populations in rural communities. Primary, secondary and tertiary heath prevention in community is mainly accomplished by public health nurses.

According to institute of Medicine (IOM) want to encourage more advanced practice nurses (APNs) work in community level to deliver effective health care to public by proper screening, identify the risk group and early diagnosis(IOM report 2011). According to IOM report the physicians can be replaced by APNs with same amount of care. This will provide community better quality of life with less health care cost. Nursing Roles and Responsibilities in Health Promotion. In 21st century, nursing is dynamic which increases responsibilities of nurses in health care with a variety of nursing roles.

As the development of contemporary nursing in which nursing care is provide to individual and families has changed to a focus of community and/or the population as a whole(ANA evolving public health nursing). Public health nurses are work as equal partners with communities and population, and their roles include collaboration and partnership with public to improve health and social conditions and problems (ANA evolving public health nursing). Public health nursing including but not restricted to, community clinic, housing developments, local and state health department, parishes and school health programs (ANA evolving public health nursing).

High risk susceptible people are often focus of care, and main concentrations on homeless individuals, elderly, smokers, teen mothers and those at risk for a specific disease. Specifically nursing role is to cooperate and collaborate with different agencies and centered on communities and populations to expand and extent health care in easily affordable level (ANA evolving public health nursing focus on health promotion). Implementation of Health promotion In contemporary view health promotion involves working with different people from different situations with variety of aims to promote health.

This goal would be attain by proper management of resources and also with specific intervention of methods. Provide affordable health care to all Americans with proper health coverage is another dream by horizon 2020. Identify the target community problem/goals to be addressed and assess the level of problem . Analyze local resources and needs , identify best practice of implementation by evidence based interventions ( Implement –healthy people 2020). Proper communication and education are the two key elements of health promotion.

Networking facilitate and influence people by sharing skills and information to build up mutual trust and confidence ( Implement –healthy people 2020) . Nursing can also influence health promotion by collaborating and partnership with government agencies and other political group that support people for healthy living ( Implement –healthy people 2020)Which include policies set by government or political parties about, for example, housing, transport and specific health promotion activities for a safe environment( Implement –healthy people 2020).

Comparisons of Health Prevention Methods In order to provide adequate and accurate health knowledge maximize the use of medias and networkthat empowers public to make safer and healthier decisions (tools for health professional-healthy people 2020). The all tree primary,secondary and tertiary health education can be done by health care coordinators in that state or territory, by designing of easy to use web link and to provide update on health promotion information on the site monthly(healthy people 2020).

Primary education is based on proactive approach to prevent the risk of disease for a healthy people example risk of smoking education for non-smoking teenagers (Lecture note 2). While secondary prevention involves education of public before the symptoms appears,by early screening and diagnostic support to unhealthy behaviors, example lung cancer screening test every six month for smokers before any symptoms occurs (Lecture note2). Tertiary prevention includes reduction of effect of disease and restoration of functions, example physical therapy and speech therapy after cerebral vascular accident (lecture note2).

Conclusion Health promotion provides a creative and comprehensive frame work in national wide even moves towards worldwide through community-oriented Organizations, public Health Clinics, and Social care Organizations (healthy people 2020). The main goal of health promotion is attain a high quality long life free from preventable diseases and reach out health well-being remove disparities and achieve a social and physical environments that promote safe healthy behaviors across all stages of life( healthy people 2020).