Nursing Goal Statement Essay

Nursing Goal Statement

In any field of endeavor, knowledge is the key to success. This is particularly true for the medical profession where our achievements have such significant impact on those we serve. I have a strong commitment and desire to contribute whatever I can to this most  important profession.

 My desire to pursue a career in the Nursing Profession is based on my own personal experiences.  I have several relatives who have died from cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer several years ago. I went to visit her a lot in the hospital and got to meet a lot of great nurses .I can not speak highly enough of the care and dedication that they provided to my family. It was as a result in part of what I witnessed that convinced me that my future lay in the field of Nursing.

That’s when I decided to switch careers. I want to get into oncology so I can help other Cancer patients to feel better. And by getting a Master with a specialization I feel sure I will be able to do more than just care for them.

My goal is to reach a level of specialization that will enable me to assist cancer patients beyond basic care. That’s why I want to get a master degree with a concentrated area of nursing study in oncology.

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I believe that my academic achievements to date illustrate my ability to apply myself to reaching specific goals. I have enjoyed a successful career to date in the field of electronics and this has given me a good grounding in software applications that I feel will assist me in the fields of research and development in the medical profession. So much is being done in the electronic field not only in the writing of soft wear programs but in the development of scanning procedures and diagnostic equipment.

I have no doubt that my electronic experience will give me much sought after additional experience that will stand me in good stead in my new profession.

However it is my family experiences that have instilled in me a strong desire to help others and a passion to serve those who have been stricken with Cancer and other life threatening conditions. My ultimate goal is to make a positive contribution to those who are stricken with this terrible disease .I believe my life will be enriched immeasurably through my work and interaction with the patients placed under my care.  It is my declared intention to undertake whatever educational opportunities are available to me in pursuit of this goal. UCSF`s Masters Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) would give me the opportunity I so dearly seek. On completion of your course I would hope to continue to further my skills, knowledge and devote my life’s work to the service of others”.

I respectfully request your favorable consideration of my application, and the opportunity that your acceptance will provide to fulfill my personal goals and ambition.

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