Nurse Practitioner Program Essay

The diagnosis and the management of certain medical conditions are at present a stern necessity, especially in my case that I have my own family. As a wife and a mother of two, I firmly believe that it is my prime obligation and utmost duty to provide; first and foremost, to my family the best health service that may render them of great aid at any needed time. In this light, I considered putting my interest at the hand of your University to better my strengths in the practice of nursing. I have no doubt that I identify myself well with the goals your University has set. For one, I acknowledge the high standard expertise of the University in the Nurse Practitioner Program which sets its registered nurses apart better from the others.  My academic interest exclusively concentrates on medications, therapies and the basic non-emergent care similarly provided by physicians. And as a full time nurse, it is then my strength already that I have gained prior knowledge on nursing practices. My limitations, similar to other nurses, may be counted on the fact that the competition on nursing practice has amplified over these years.

Reference, accessed 04 Oct 2007

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