Nsu Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy writing Essay

I have chosen Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy for several reasons.  Being from south Florida, I am excited to not only support a local school, but to also stay near my friends and family.  I am also excited at the opportunity to become part of a team that typically graduates well above the standard set by the state of Florida.

I believe that students of NSU do so well partly because of the excellent academic staff, but also because it is apparent that the school focuses on the students, allowing them to not only advance but to succeed.  Diversity is extremely important to me, and with over 200 clinical sites I know I will receive the necessary experience to complete my program.

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Because NSU focuses its attention on the student, I am looking forward to small class sizes and a rigorous curriculum. I know that the Pharmacy faculty is not only young, but also enthusiastic, and I’m looking forward to becoming part of their team.  I am certain that NSU will provide me with the necessary ingredients to allow me to address the pharmacy- related needs of the community.  I look forward to continuing my education at your school.

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