New Invention Essay

     How does an inventor try to improve on an existing invention? they don’t. They create an even grander, greater invention than the one that exists, because lets be realistic. How can one improve on the toothbrush, the pencil, the hairbrush etc. The inventor has to think, out of the box. (A cliché, which still works) and benefit everyone in the world.

     In this age of the twenty-first Century when every new invention is released into the world so quickly only to disappear just as quickly with some new improved invention, the inventor has first think of how his or her invention will remain useful through the years. Here is where my invention enters the equation. Unlike the toothbrush, the hairbrush and the pencil, my invention will improve an old concept:

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Bathing; without the annoyance of getting wet and drying yourself, after.

      Using the technique of the ionizing brush which takes the oil and grease from your hair. A heated spray (to the person’s taste) of hydrogen and oxygen is transformed into ionized air which jets out of the shower, cleanly and safely massaging the oil and dirt deposits from your hair and body, while also cleaning out the dead skin cells and under your fingernails. Leaving your skins clean natural oils. All without soap, water, or a towel. And you are as dry as you were when you first entered, and much cleaner than if you had washed with soap and water.

    It is quite feasible. The result leaves your skin, body and hair naturally fresh smelling that will last a few days or even weeks after your next “Shower.” My invention will save on time and money you would spend drying and blow drying your hair. How great is that?

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