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I am very interested in a position as Senior Business Systems Analyst with National City Bank. This is because my proven track record of profitable results with National City in this field is just what you’re looking for in several aspects.

First, I have seven years of experience as a successful senior business systems analyst and underwriter in the financial industry for National City Bank. Second, I have several years of expert experience in technical staff support. Third, I have technical skills in the financial underwriting industry that have been instrumental in guiding projects to completion, producing effective time/cost analyses, and excelling in the use of multi-tasking. I have guided project management in several instances and trained subordinate underwriters toward positive results and profits. Fourth, I possess excellent oral and written communication and reporting skills and consistently maintain quality assurance and financial controls.

I am accustomed to leading and working with teams on diverse projects and interacting closely with customers. These projects have required teamwork and interaction for completion on time and within budget and we have never missed a deadline, nor failed to serve a client beyond expectations.

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I have enclosed a copy of my resume to provide you with more specific information regarding my technical skills and accomplishments with National City Bank and I would like to speak with you in person. Please call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx so that we may discuss the results I have achieved thus far for National City, as well as thoughts on increasing these types of results for the company in the future.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting with you soon.


First Name, Last Name

Enc.: Resume and Cover Letter

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