Nat Turner’s Rebellion in Virginia Essay

                Nat Turner’s Rebellion in Virginia was a shocking moment in American history, particularly to the South as it represented what could happen if uprisings happened among their slaves. This fear made them enforce their power over the slaves in even more ways, but to the rest of the country it represented a defining moment in the fight for abolition. William Lloyd Garrison had been a staunch supporter of abolition and fought, through his words and intellect in his newspapers, and after the rebellion many people linked his writings with Nat Turner’s actions.

They felt such an insurrection was needed and even expected, and had predicted just as much in many of his writings. Their view of the slaves was very bad in many respects. Americans, particularly in the South, viewed slaves as property only and not humans, while abolitionists like Garrison viewed them only as human beings that should be treated as such. In the end, Garrison was not surprised by the world linking him to the rebellion, he seemed to welcome it as proof of his belief that abolition was the way to go because you could only hold down a human being so long before they fight back for their liberty.

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