My principle of democracy. While I was

My interest in studying law has emerged during my secondary school period, which I was required to submit a disquisition which related to Abraham Lincoln. I was deeply inspired by his achievements and his determination to pursue the freedom of black slavery in 1863. For many years, I have preserved an interest in political issues and which makes me strongly believe the importance of justice and the principle of democracy.

While I was studying for Unified Examination Certificate, Malaysia, History had well developed my methodical skill as well as the understanding of the histories in Great Britain (ie. the appearance of bicameral Parliament). Such knowledge has been utilized in my first and second year of law degree programme, especially when I was assigned for individual assignments.

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I had been appointed for many positions in the activities during my secondary school, which have helped me improved and trained some of my abilities. For instance, my position as an instructor in my society for three years has developed my leadership skills, as I had had to prepare and present the lecture’s material to my trainee and I had had to organise some competitions and guest lecture events on behalf of my society. Furthermore, I also have improved my abilities of disputation during my participation of debate team in secondary school.

I also actively participated in various activities in university, I was part of law society and I was appointed for the position of logistic and event master of the society’s event, which shows my ability to cope with other committees as a team. In addition, my position as class representative for more than one years also assisted me in developing my communication and time managing abilities. Furthermore, subjects such as Legal Skills and Presentation Skills Malaysia have also well-constructed my communication and presentation skills. These few subjects give me an environment to provide me with a chance to improve my presentation skill and makes it become stronger. Besides that, Legal Skills also makes me familiar with the procedures in the courtroom.

During my spare time, I regularly go for some voluntary works, such as visiting the orphanage and old folks home, this will not only able to provide some aid to the vulnerable social groups, it also makes me understand the interests that they are lacking. I always believe that lawyers are the person who stands at the last barrier before the justice, lawyers are the person who should stand out and rebut any of injustice in this society.

My own country, Malaysia, has also sharpened my awareness of social justice, racism, gender inequality, and religious fundamentalism. I am interested in international law, particularly civil rights and I strongly believe that the society in my country needs to be changed. This aspiration has made me chosen law and I have confidence that the enforcement of law is the exclusive way that could eliminate injustice.

As Aung San Suu Kyi, President of Myanmar said, we should not be prevented by others from doing what we know is right, I think that a lawyer is a man who is capable to protect the public when their rights have been eroded. I see this aspect of law as the most essential as well as the most interesting part of my study in law degree programme. This is because I believe that once after I have completed my law degree, I could assist the people and maintain the principle of human rights in my country.