My personal experience with child Essay

I often hear that we must be able to discover our purpose in life and work towards satisfying that purpose. At this young age, I have begun thinking of what my life’s work should be. Then in some stroke of fate this was revealed to me in a way I never expected it to be. I have had an opportunity to work with special children and one who was particularly close to me had attention deficit hyperactive disorder. As advanced as we are, many still have negative perceptions of children with special needs and I was not any different from the rest. He moved around so much that I could not keep up with him, he also had moments of inactivity that was punctuated with shrills and sudden outbursts.  He could not keep still even to eat and he often forgot what he was doing, he shifts from one activity to another and I was perplexed with his behavior and my emotions towards working with him shifted from frustration and pity.

Then I realized how difficult it must be for the child to have a caregiver who does not understand his feelings and behavior. And I also realized that I have the compassion for the child and that in order for me to help special children I must be trained for it. I also felt that these children are not hopeless; they could still learn to be functioning individuals with the proper help. And I felt inspired to become a special education teacher for I know that I may be able to help special children in the most effective way. And like a flash of light, I understood that this is what I was meant to be, that this is what I want to do and will dedicate myself to teaching special children.

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