My Objectives in Seeking Admission To This School Essay

My Objectives in Seeking Admission To This School

            For those of us living in first world countries, education is something we take for granted because of the amazing ease of access we all have to things that interest us that we want to learn about. It is hard for us to imagine that there are people on the other side of the world for whom education is not a normal part of their human development. Rather, those living in those countries view it as a privilege that can only be afforded by some of the population.  As a matter of fact, the poor countries have an important need for teachers because the educational system existing in their country is so poor that education sometimes becomes a waste of time.

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            I speak from experience when I tell you about the dismal state of education in the third world countries. Before I came to this blessed country as a migrant, I had studied and graduated from the Government Teacher’s College in Nigeria. This allowed me to immerse myself in the Nigerian educational system by becoming a primary school teacher in Nigeria for 4 years. As a teacher, I was bereft of the proper educational tools with which to teach my class and my students were wanting in school supplies and books like any typical public school. I will admit though that all the time I spent working there opened my eyes to the possibilities of education for the youth. It was one of the most gratifying experiences in my life and I will never forget it. It was while teaching in Nigeria that I discovered that being an educator was not only a job for me. I saw it as a vocation and a chance to be able to help the students who may not have a real chance in life without my help.  With the help of my students, I discovered my deep love for this profession that allowed me a chance to help shape the lives and futures of the children under my care.

            After some time, it came to my attention that there were some students who needed more help and care in learning their lessons than the most. These were the special education children who had more specific and personalized teaching methods that dealt with their intellectual shortcomings. I learned that there were teachers and then there were Special Education teachers. As I spent my time with the members of the special education class members, I realized that I felt more fulfilled by helping these special children learn about how to deal with their special lives. But I needed to learn more about Special Education practices if I wanted to be effective in helping them. Unfortunately, I had to migrate to the United States before I could fulfill my plans regarding becoming  a certified special education teacher.

            As I started a new life in this country, I tried to change my career path as well. I successfully attended Syracuse University and graduated with a BS degree in Management with a concentration on Finance and Economics but still felt empty inside. I guess I was not meant to be a financial wizard after all. Even though I could perform in this field, I did not feel the same warmth and happiness that I always had when I was in front of the blackboard and sharing my knowledge with the Nigerian children. I realized that I missed teaching and helping students with special needs. This turning point resulted in my applying to this university for admission to the Graduate School of Education and Psychology. By arming myself with this graduate diploma, I will finally be able to complete my unfinished task of learning to help and teach those children with disabilities and special needs. It does not matter to me whether I will be teaching, Nigerian or American children, what does matter is that I will be able to touch their lives and patiently help them learn their way through learning the basics of life. I know that I can successfully become a Special Education teacher because of the passion for teaching, love for my students, and the drive to want to influence them to succeed in their own lives that flows so strongly within my veins.


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