My HIV Relative Essay

My HIV Relative

            It is almost unbearable to know that one of your relatives, especially if he or she is close to you, has incurable sickness such as HIV. While it is devastating enough for the relative to be diagnosed with such a life-threatening illness, it is also extremely painful on the part of the people who are close to him or her to know that he or she will die very soon.

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            Although caring for a relative who is dying due to his or her HIV sickness can be very difficult for anyone, there are a lot of ways to overcome the emotional and spiritual pain. In these cases, the first step is acceptance. One must first fully realize and wholeheartedly understand that his or her relative has a potentially life-ending disease and soon he or she will die. By doing so, it will be easier for the families and friends of the dying relative to let go when he or she finally succumbs to HIV.

            Moreover, the people close to relative should show to him or her that they are strong both emotionally and spiritually. That way, the relative would be encouraged to fight the disease and would not easily give up on his or her life. In addition, the dying relative should be given full support and understanding and should be treated the best way possible so that he or she would be happy during the remaining days of his or her life.

            In short, even though it is very difficult and painful for anyone to care for an HIV patient who is dying, one should always maintain a positive attitude towards the relative so that he or she can die knowing that there were people who cared for him or her when he or she was still alive. In most cases, the more support the dying relative receives, the more he or she will prolong his inevitable fate.