My Goal Essay

My Goal

I have experience in various fields of art such as traditional and contemporary fine art, graphic design, illustration, and printmaking. In particular, traditional narrative and figurative art appeal to me. I feel that the level of technical difficulty is extremely high due to complexity of rendering perspective and human anatomy. Whenever I become frustrated, I strongly wish to overcome this feeling instead of discontinuing my effort. The desire to carry out complicate tasks, susceptible of being exercised by only few, stimulates my artistic spirit.

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My primary goal is to gain deeper understanding of the aforementioned structural issues with a view to applying this knowledge to my future work. Recently I’ve discovered a new field of art that is of interest to me, namely entertainment illustration. It appeals to me because of artists’ perfect draftsmanship and marketability. I was completely overwhelmed by works of Feng Zhu, Scott Robertson and Ryan Church.

Their scene paintings and character design featuring skillful use of light, color, angle, and structure immediately suggested me a sphere I might be successful in. Pre-production books for ‘Ratatouille’, ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ and ‘Open Season’ became like the Bible to me.
In addition, I’m concerned about the marketability of my artistic works. I would be happy to witness my art becoming a part of people’s lives, like Mickey Mouse, Snoopy and Hello Kitty influenced mass culture, e.g. teenage fashion, stationery and toys.

I believe that studying at the Art Institute of Los Angeles will become the first step towards achieving my goal.