My Decision to Attend College Essay

My Decision to Attend College

                        The reason I decided to attend college is because I want to insure my future after I leave the military after having served for fifteen years. Even though I expect to get a decent sum of money upon my retirement, I realize that unless I have solid plans about what to do with the money and how to do it, I will not be able to extend my finances and my resources will eventually dwindle if not managed properly.

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            I want to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Transportation and Logistics because I already have a solid foundation and background after having worked in the same field in the military world. I realize that the degree I intend on pursuing is known as a field dominated by the male sex but I believe that I can succeed in the same field because I am a strong-willed and decisive woman who thrives on competition. I produce the best results that can be had in any undertaking I pursue through my resiliency, dedication, and hard work. I have proven while working in the military that I can hold my own in the company of the best trained men in the world so I have no reason to fail in the same field once I become a civilian.

            Even though I will be attending college later than the average student, I know that I have the skills that will enable me to succeed in completing my education because I have been taking an online class for the past two years. I consider these online classes as the dry run for my actual college classes. As such, I am able to use the computer everyday, a skill that is of importance for every student in this day and age.

            In my line of work, I have come to understand how important transportation and logistics are not only to the military, but to the civilians in the world of business as well. It is my hope that upon the completion of this course, I will have a solid idea of a career in Transport and Logistics that I can successfully pursue. I am thinking of perhaps owning my own courier service in the future. My short term goal is to start up a transport and logistics service that can serve the local and eventually, national needs of my clients. The long term goal is to insure myself financially by hopefully expanding the business to cover an international scale of clientele.

            I have lofty dreams and ambitions for myself once I have left the military service and I do not discount the fact that I will have to face real life challenges in order to achieve the success that I so desire out of life. One of these biggest challenges will be attending to my full time career while still allowing myself a period of time to attend school and have a social life somewhere in between everything else that I have on my plate. Keeping my household in order will also be one of the important tasks that I have to make time for because I am currently separated from my husband and have to attend to the household chores personally.

            But, I do not believe that these challenges will be a real hindrance in achieving my goal. This is because I am person who always stays focused on the things that need to get done regardless of how tight my schedules are. I am a very organized person and just like any other student, I know that a sense of priority and scheduling will be necessary if I am to complete my college education and succeed in life. These are qualities that I learned while in the service and I fully intend to carry these lessons learned into my civilian life when that time comes.