My community and how it affects my upbringing Essay

My community and how it affects my upbringing

            I love to walk on summer afternoons and gaze at the yellow sun, its light rays sipping though my skin. In those walks, I notice old people standing outside their homes, weary and looking distantly as if remembering their youth from a remote past. I walk until the sun sets, it’s rays fading and I can’t help wonder what made these people look so weary.

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            Images of these people challenges me. They prompt me to think of my own life, one without regrets. A life that is lived with a mission to help, give and serve. In college, I would want to take up a course on the sciences and someday become a doctor. I want to prevent the spread of diseases and  promote health and well-being. I want to give joy to old people whose lives have been limited by health concerns and physical disabilities.

            When I was young, I was exposed in such a community. People who reach old age no longer function as part of the community. They always seem to be waiting for days where they will no longer be burdened by physical deformities and leave this world. However, I deeply feel that their passing can be avoided if there is adequate cure for diseases and knowledgeable health professionals who can aid them.

            In addition, I am more saddened if health problems that occur among the young. I believe that it is during our youth that we acquire habits that define our lives. The choice of the food we eat and the habits that we do, affect our future. Nowadays, I see young people who don’t care for their health. I want to do something for them. I want to aid them in their choices for them to live a healthy life.

            Lastly, I believe that the community where I grew up in opened my mind to these realities. I am glad that I was able to reflect on what I saw and decide on what I would do to change my place and my world for the better. I do hope that I’ll soon enjoy watching the sunset, not seeing it as a passing of time but as a beginning of a life lived for the welfare others.