My choice of medicine Essay

My choice of medicine

Man is a product of choices. My choice to pursue a career in medicine has been influenced by a number of factors, both from my background training amidst doctors and my inherent passion to contribute to a positive change in the world. I strongly believe that the health of education is his strength. That’s why Health is also wealth. In lieu of this, my passion is best explored in this field that solves problems through effective communication.

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First, I have to say there was some influence from my parents, who are both cardiologists and passionate about medicine. Perhaps there was a time when I worried they were the only reason I liked medicine; however, I came to realize they never forced the idea on me and I myself enjoyed talking about cases and research with them.

Second, been as optimistic and caring as I am, my dream from childhood has been to `save the world, to make a difference`. For this reason, I am also very interested in political science and international relations. The reason it helped me choose medicine is how much involved I can be as a doctor: I could join Doctors without borders, do research to help people… not to mention the leadership abilities medical school will help me develop.

The third I can mention is the challenge itself. I love testing myself and solving puzzles – I see that in medicine. I am aware the challenge is quite enormous, and I have trained to withstand such.

I practically grew up in a hospital and our family meals almost always involve some discussions about cases and medical ethic: Medicine is a big part of my everyday life and for this opportunity I am thankful to my parents, who are great examples of the professionals I wish to become.

More than being a dream, I have also taken appropriate towards actualizing this dream. Currently I am taking first aid lessons with the Canadian Red Cross: This is indeed a great opportunity for me to become introduced to basic concepts of patients’ resuscitation and engage in life support techniques during emergencies; it forms a noble platform to foster my interest in medicine.

These experiences have formed a niche for improved intervention in alleviating people’s challenges in a little way, for me. I see myself become a productive physician with immense input to resolving medical enigma, and saving as many as God places in my hands.