My and Parts of our work was

My long-term goal is to pursue a career in research, either
in theoretical or experimental fields of physics, as a faculty in a university
or as a researcher in a research organization. To me, being a researcher is
intellectually stimulating; moreover, it can provide me with a broad range of
opportunities to utilize my own creativity and intelligence; and hence I have
decided to take this up as my career objective.

I first got fascinated with science in my 6th grade by
reading an old Bengali children’s book, ‘Ashchorjo Ar Ashchorjo’ (Wonders and
Wonders) that deals with different mindboggling thought experiments of physics.
As a young boy, my deep-rooted curiosity was so galvanized by the book that, I
started learning all sorts of basic mathematics and science which helped me
gain 1st runner-up position at National
Math Olympiad 2007. This achievement pushed me more towards mathematics
with a zeal to understand their physical interpretations and to explain
different phenomena surrounding us with simple scientific facts. All these
things created deep interest inside me to learn science academically which led
me to pursue my major in physics at
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST), Sylhet, one of the
most prestigious universities of my country. 

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During my junior year, while attending the Solid-state
physics class lectures, I first came to know about a number of interesting
topics including lattice structure, Meissner effect etc. I was amazed by
finding out how these simple laws are governing the complex matter structures
around us and intended to walk through their applications more closely. In my
senior year, as a computational physics course project I solved Navier-Stokes
equation by Runge–Kutta method and analyze the variation in velocity of liquids
by Gauss-Seidel method using Python
and Parts of our work was presented in International
Bose Conferences2015. 

Unfortunately, both in my freshman and sophomore years, I
was diagnosed with Hyperbilirubinemia and couldn’t attend a number of exams.
But I kept hope and after being completely cured, I recouped all the lectures and class tests I missed during my
sickness with the help of my teachers and friends. My goal to become a research
scientist drove me to attend those classes even when I did not have the
opportunity to attend some of those missed academic exams. To have a
cutting-edge knowledge of physics I used to attend different workshops and
symposiums regularly. Through this, I have accrued hands-on knowledge of
MATLAB, Python, Comsol Multiphysics and other computational languages and

After graduation, I started my M.Sc. in Renewable Energy Technology
at the University of Dhaka in 2016. By Securing my position in the top 2% after the first semester, I got the
chance to work at Atomic Research
Establishment, Bangladesh, which comprises the best photovoltaic material
lab of my country. We are forming photovoltaic cells by doping monocrystalline
materials with the technology available in my country. We are also measuring
reflectance for different surface texture and metal-semiconductor resistance
properties. Currently, we are in need of a better facility to improve
efficiency and a clean experimental environment to reduce error.  

To have an open perspective towards different energy
sources, I worked with a few Bio-chemists on a project on the microbial fuel cell. Here we created a
Mediator-Less Double Chambered Microbial Fuel Cell using Sewerage Sludge. We
use different local sludge and get the output of relatively higher Voltage and
higher Efficiency. Parts of our work have been published by Bioresearch Communication (BRC).

Please note, I developed my organizational skills and
learned to work as an effective team member by serving as an executive member (2012-2014) of
SHIKORH, a cultural organization of Shahjalal University(SUST). I was also the General Secretary (2012) of Copernicus
Astronomical Memorial of SUST(CAM-SUST) and organized numerous workshops to
mentor science enthusiastic young kids. I believe these experiences make me an
efficient team worker with the ability to consistently work under pressure.

During my Ph.D. program at the University of Arkansas at
Little Rock, I wish to explore the world of physics in relation to thin film and nanostructured materials.
Specifically, I am interested in works based on experimental techniques,
calculations to determine the properties of Nanomaterial and their fabrication,
materials for energy applications, different solar cells such as the c-Si cell
and thin-film and material characterization etc. I went through some of the impressive
works accomplished by multiple faculties at UA Little Rock. I am especially
drawn to the research focus of Dr. Tansel Karabacak on Thin-film and Nanostructure.
However, I am open to working with any other faculty whose interest overlaps
with mine.  The availability and
diversity of systems and phenomena for studying in these fields has encouraged
me to choose this field. Cooperative phenomena in a very small scale based on
fundamental properties of various material phase and interactions between atoms
or molecules are some of the most growing research fields of physics which I
want to be a part of. I want to dedicate myself to the research and development
of science and technology that would result in a greater good of human

I am fully aware of the level of intelligence and
dedication that graduate research at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock calls
for. I am confident that my passion and perseverance will surely direct me to
tackle all the difficulties along the way. Hence, I appeal to the Graduate
Admission Committee to consider me for admission in your Ph.D. program with
financial assistance.