Multiple Intelligence Essay

My strongest Intelligence is Interpersonal. It deals with being able to communicate and work well with others. Having the ability to be a good listener and show empathy towards others. A person that is Interpersonal Intelligence usually makes a wonderful therapoists, teachers, caretakers, and counselors because they are really caring and enjoy working with others either as a leader or follower. When working with others they gain inspiration and learn new things by working as a team member.

They really are good with managing others and could be a great politician. Looking over all the websites and the links each site reinforced that an Interpersonal Intelligence type person enjoy social events, love meeting new people, like to counsel others, empathetic and all in all people person . I defiantly agree with this matching my personality. I love people! I enjoy working with groups and getting to know new people . I don’t like to see anyone in pain and would do anything possible to help. Of course there were contradictions, defiantly with me.

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I’m not the type of person that, like to counsel others, have many friends, seek out people when I have a problem for advice, may be indecisive because I don’t want to offend anyone. Now, none of this is me. I love people but I stay out their business. I will listen for hours but never give advice. Most of the time if I have a problem no one will ever know because I try to handle it myself. Well, I do have many associates but my close friends are few, just because I love me time just as much as I love party time!