Motivation and Learning Essay

“The relationship between motivation and learning is connected and motivation and learning are mutually causal. That is, those students, `who are more motivated learn more….those who learn more become more motivated.”

In many ways, there are indistinguishable relationship between motivation and learning. A motivated person is a learner and a learner is a motivated person, this relationship energizes and gives direction to human actions. By defining motivation and learning from a variety of psychologist’s contexts, their implications will be further identified. Motivation is the condition that energizes behavior and influences an individual’s intensity and directions of behavior while learning is the knowledge gained and developed by observation, imitation and watching the consequences applied to their behavior. These consequences are an important motivator of individual behavior.

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Motivation may be derived as either extrinsic which means outside of a person or intrinsic which means inside of a person. It appears that the learning behavior of an individual has direct relationship from positive or negative rewards according to his behavioral, social, biological, spiritual and affective needs. The different theories of motivation were able to identify the direct implication of learning and motivation to an individual. Examples of these theories on motivation trace their roots from learning that identify one’s emotions, behaviors, dispositions and thoughts. A Cognitive theory developed by Piaget described the discrepancy between one’s belief and action, an action is needed to resolve the conflict and discrepancies that will lead to individual’s differences in behavior and thought. Another Theory on Attribution by Weiner will explain the implication of motivation and learning by identifying the success and failure due to internal and external factors. These attributions are the result of combined control and out of control factors brought by teaching and learning environment. It is important to inscribe an appropriate learning behavior as soon as the individual experiences difficulties during the learning process. Through motivation with application of Expectancy Theory the probability of success for one’s learning is interconnected with motivation. The perspectives from these theories of learning and motivation will be responsible in seeking balance and equilibrium in individuals’ understanding and organizing of his thoughts.



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