Motivation Essay

Motivation is basically about the desire of one to achieve something as motivation act as a force that pushes us towards performing an actionand finally bringing us the achievement. For example, when we are thirsty, we will go get a glass of water to quench our thirst. Here, quenching our thirst is set as our motivation and the act of getting a glass of water to drink is the performing action. This shows us that motivation is what causes us to act. Hence, motivation can also be said as a process that initiates, guides and maintains our goals until we achieve it. From the resource, Lifehack (n. . ),there are six different types of motivation which can influence different person behavior in its own unique way because each of us has our very own personalities and characteristics. Majority of people can be motivated by incentive, fear, achievement, growth, power and social factors. Incentive is a motivation that involves reward as people are driven by the facts that if they achieve a certain target, they will be rewarded. While fear motivation involves consequences such as when a person is in fear of getting punish he or she will try their best to achieve their targets.

Next is achievement motivation which happens when people are driven to compete with others or themselves. The feeling of achievement is their desire motivation. Other than that is the motivation of growth. It happens when people desire self-improvement such as increasing their knowledge or skills. Next is the motivation of power where people are in desire to control everything within their means to achieve something. Furthermore, many people are motivated by social factors too. This can be their desire to be accepted or belong to a specific peer group.

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It is important to understand the different types of motivation so that we will be able to determine which form of motivation is the most effective one for inspiring our desire in achieving target. As there is a saying goes, “the will to succeed is important but what’s more important is the will to prepare”- by Bobby Knight. So basically motivation is important as it can determine one success either in their working life, study life or even love life. Back to the topic on methods of motivation used to excel in college program. College is a place where studying is starting to differ from what we had in our primary or secondary school days.

For instant, the environment and people we get to know in college may be different from the school we had been in before as college is bigger and more international. So, even student who does not have difficulty in their primary or secondary school life may stillfinds some difficulty in coping with their college life. Hence, having motivation is one of the most important keys to succeed in college because even with intelligence and study skills a studentcannot be successful without the help of motivation guiding him or her through all the challenges and difficult times.

So, the easiest way to get motivated is through goal setting. For those who do not know what is goal, goal is an observable objective to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame. For example, goals can be like, “I want to score good results this term” or maybe “I want to revise all the lectures by today”. When a person has realistic goals, it will help to motivates theminachieving their aims and success. Besides, studentswill be able to stay persistence as goal can strengthens their ambition, giving them direction and courage to pursue their will and achieve targets.

There is a saying by Aristotle which says, “Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals”. Thus, to have a strong motivation, realistic goals are definitely needed for students to excel in their college program. Other than that, college student needs to have a clear understanding of why they are here studying in a college and the importance of studying. If they do not know the purpose of studying and are just here in the college because their parents force them to, most probably they will not be able to excel in their college program.

For instant, those students are unable to concentrate in class and their mind will wander off during lectures as they are not interested in studying that course. Hence, by understanding the purpose of studying it can help students to have a clearer aim of what to do because the purpose of studying may be able to motivate them in doing their best for their college program. For an illustration, in my case, I clearly understand the purpose of studyingsoI know that I have to score good grades and past my foundation in order for me to further up my studies and also be accepted in the course of my choice.

Therefore, students that have motivations are definitely different from students who are just wasting their time away in college as motivation can influence students on the purpose of learning and studying. Consequently, motivationhelps students in dealing with their college life by making them less stressful as they now have a clearer aim of what they need to do and also understand the opportunity cost of wasting their time away in college. In a conclusion, motivation is present whenever there is a clear vision, precise knowledge of what one wants to do andhave strong desire of doing it.

Furthermore, students in college must have a positive attitude. Being optimistic is the best self-motivation methods to excel in college as there is a saying which says “perpetual optimism is a force multiplier” – by Colin Powell. The key towards success lies in staying calm and positive when overcoming problems and difficulties. So, in order to have a positive attitude, student must enjoy studying and love their college. This is because if student enjoy and perceive the purpose of studying, studying and learning things will never be difficult for them.

After all, this is a basic attitude for a student to be able to excel in their college program. Additionally, students must believe in themselves and their hard work so that they will be confident enough to face all the challenges and attain their goals instead of getting discourage because of things are not going in the way which they hope for. Just remember that, “If you believe in yourself, things are possible”- Shannon Macmillan. Thus, being optimistic is also one of the good methods of motivation to help students excel in their college program. Besides, when everything is done and targets are achieved, student should reward themselves.

This helps student to get extrinsically motivated as it can make student to feel good over their little sense of achievement and so it will keep motivating them to keep up with the good effort. Parents and lecturers should also give rewards to their children and students because when students received rewards from others, they will feel the support and encouragement given from their parents or lecturers. Encouragement from parents and lecturers are also important as it helps student to feel that they are not in this alone and hence they will feel more motivated to accomplish their task or their aims.

In addition, based on the resource, How to Get Motivated to Study | Personal Development. (n. d. ), music is also a wonderful way to get motivated as it helps to stimulate positive emotions. For example, student can listen to soft music such as classical music when they are stress about workload and when they are exercising or preparing for a match, they can listen to energetic songs such as “hip hop” music. Comparing to the other methods listening to music is the simplest way for one to get motivated but student needs to choose songs that they finds it motivating and inspiring.

So, this is also one of the best methods of motivation that can help student to achieve success in college because to some, music helps to calm down their nerves and able to motivates them. Hence, student can release stress by listening to music and so they will be able to fully concentrate on their college work such as tests, exams and assignments. The word motivation is common in everyday language but there are stillactually a lot of people who do not understand whatmotivation is and the correct ways to use it.

Moreover, there are really a lot of methods of motivation that one can use to achieve their targets and be successful. Without motivation majority of student will not be able to have the persistent to overcome challenges they will faces in their college life and thus, leading them into failure because a person who has no inspiration is characterized as someone who is unmotivated. By being unmotivated, students always tends to give up easily. According to Thomas Edison’s quote, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. The meaning of this quote in an indirect form can be said as even with inspiration, a person still needs to work hard to achieve their aim instead of just dreaming about it because “the will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare” – Bobby Knightso if a student does not have the will to prepare, they will not be able to achieve their target and are preparing to fail. In a nutshell, motivation is indeed a useful tool for student as it plays an important role by giving themthe “mind power”to strive for their best in completing their responsibility as a college student instead of just giving up.