Mortat Board application memory Essay

My life has been filled with different experiences. Some were alright, but others influenced my outlook about the harsh realities of life. As I child, I grew up knowing that I should work hard to achieve my dreams. I felt lucky being given the chance to study in a reputable school. In so doing, I became determined, and aspired to be the best that I can be. All my hard work paid off for I was recognized for my intellectual abilities. I was included in four honor societies namely, the Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, and the Golden Key Society.

Even during my younger years, I have had this passion of being of service to others. I guess that I have been influenced much by my parents for me to finally take this course. Somehow, helping others in need has given me this sense of fulfillment that I cannot find in the books and journals I read for school.

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I remember the time when I was attending one of our family gatherings. A five-year old boy accidentally pushed the huge vase that my aunt had. The vase hit a three-year old girl before completely crashing onto the floor. My little girl was badly hurt, causing her head to bleed.

Everyone panicked, because she was in so much pain. As a Nursing student, I had the knowledge of first aid, so I came rushing to help her. I quickly asked for the cooperation of others, instructing them with what to do. I was suddenly in charge of the situation that could affect the safety of an injured little girl. While attending to her needs, I asked some of those present to keep the other small children away from the scene. For the broken vase, I asked one of the older guys to help clean the mess. This was facilitated so as not to hurt others.

That particular instance was clearly remembered by everyone present. All of them were very thankful that nothing more serious had happened to the little girl. I was relieved that my simple act of kindness meant a lot to other people. But nonetheless, what was important was the fact that I was able to help someone who was in dire need.

I believe that I have what it takes to be included in this Board for I have executed the qualities required by the said society. My intellectual capacity has been duly recognized by other different societies, and my passion for serving others is undeniable. Being recognized by this society will forever leave a mark in my success.