Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness Essay

What is the first thing that comes up into your mind when you read this quote? The majority of rich people in the world always think of this quote in their minds. Money is not the first reason to make every single person happy in this world. Money might buy all the materialistic wants in this world but not happiness. “The Barbie-Q” by Sandra Cisneros clearly emphasizes that it’s not always money that brings happiness into our lives. The story is about a girl who comes from a poor family, and she always plays with her cheap Barbie doll with her friend.

The financial condition of her family does not really bother her as long as she has her Barbie with her. The story is mainly about a little girl’s perspective about her life and the pleasant things she gets in the tight economic situation. In the first paragraph of the story, it already shows us clearly about the little girl’s economic background. She says, “But that’s all we can afford”. This indicates that she doesn’t really have the money to buy another Barbie. The first sentence on the second paragraph, “Every time the same story”, also shows us that she is in a really tight economic condition.

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The writer shows clearly from this sentence that the girl is bored and not satisfied with her Barbie. The girl actually wants to buy another Barbie and set a different story for her Barbie and she has to wait until Christmas to get another Barbie outfit as a Christmas present. From this line, it draws a picture of how miserable the financial condition of her family is. We probably know that the price of a Barbie outfit is not that expensive but she has to wait until Christmas, which comes only once a year, to get it as a present.

She doesn’t really care about the destitution of her family because she grew up in that economic condition and she will always be happy as long as she has her Barbie with her. Moreover, there are sentences where Sandra puts it interestingly like portraying the typical and childish speech by the child such as “there! And there! And there! And there! ” The child seems to have an excited and detailed observation and she knows mostly everything about Barbie dolls. Besides that, flea markets are quite large, sometimes it is hard for you to remember the stalls, but this girl has it all in her mind. This story reminds me of my little sister.

She really likes to play with her Barbie doll. When she went to a toy store, at that time she really wanted to buy a Barbie doll and my mom wouldn’t allow her to buy what she wanted because she had several Barbie dolls already. She was really sad and was silent all day long. She kept on pleading my mom to buy her a cute Barbie doll that she wanted. “Mom you know how it feels when a little girl sees a Barbie doll, don’t you? ” said my sister sadly. Then my mom felt guilty towards her. Finally, my mom bought that Barbie for her secretly and put it in her room. After she got back from school, she saw a Barbie doll that she wanted on her bed.

She was really happy and smiled all day long. Her expression clearly showed me how happy she was when she saw only a Barbie doll, which I think is useless and worthless. Now I realize that everyone can be happy in their own way. This reminds me of a great book by Gary Chapman, “The Five Love Languages”. This book told me about the differences of how each person’s love tank can be filled, and every person has their own way to be happy. Gary Chapman stated 5 reasons that makes our inner feeling happy which are words of affirmation, quality of time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

We can see clearly a relation between this book and the story of how happiness could happen in that girl’s life. This story reveals the little girl’s happiness by showing her excitement about Barbie dolls when they were in the flea market. So in conclusion, I think that money isn’t necessarily the source of happiness, because true happiness in my opinion is enjoying the things that we already have, and having lots of money will not guarantee happiness, like in the story. Though the girl longs for more Barbie dolls, she is already happy with what she has. The more you appreciate the things that you have, the happier you’ll be.


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