MLK Equal Rights Essay

Martin Luther King is probably the most famous person associated with the civil rights movement. People thought that nobody could change rules that were already made. This man proved everyone wrong and made that change. King was active from the start of the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 to 1956 until his murder in April 1968. To many, Martin Luther King epitomizes what the civil rights campaign was all about and he brought massive international cover to the movement. Because Martin Luther King was a powerful social figure, he was able to accomplish a great deal by the sound of his voice. Mr. King believed in non-violence and received this practice form a man named Gandhi. According to an article, Martin Luther King’s motto that was derived from Gandhi was, “My weapons: faith in God and nonviolence. ” From his background he gained his regulating Christian ideals. Mr. King once stated, “From Gandhi, I learned my operational technique”. This shows how much of an impact Gandhi really was to him. Martin Luther King then used these skills for the Civil Liberties of African Americans to try to make a change. Using these practices, Martin preached what he believed in and showed no harm to people.

For example, all of Mr. King’s protests were motivated to be non-violent. Much of martin Luther King’s work was controversial during the time in which he lived. People opposed him because of what he was trying to change. Those opposing Martin Luther King were, for the most part, people believing in segregation of the races and that black Americans were not entitled to the same rights as white Americans. Segregation was a method of keeping a group of people “in their place” by people who mistrusted and feared them. Many whites of the time feared that so many blacks joined for a single purpose could very possibly succeed.

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Denying rights to black Americans was determined to be unconstitutional. This fact did not matter to Dr. King’s opponents and the opponents of the civil rights movement. Some of his more notable opponents were J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, who used the power of his office in an attempt to discredit Dr. King, and Governor George Wallace of Alabama who later renounced his segregationist ideals. Martin Luther King’s ideas were important for the time in which he lived and they would be important today because there is still racial discrimination that goes on in our lives everyday.

Back then, Mr. King made people aware that racism existed by leading peaceful demonstrations and giving speeches about it. If he would do the same today, I feel that the world would be a little more different and not be as cruel as some people may be. As said from Martin Luther King himself, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ” This is a very significant quote because he is making a true statement about how people are and try to fix things by being hateful and dark.

The only way to make things right is though light and love. People need to make the right decisions and treat each other peacefully. The most important accomplishments of Martin Luther King is that he ranks among the greatest political strategists of all time. The basic goal that dominated his life was the substantial equality for Americans. From the mid 1950s until late 60s, he was the most important leader of a non-violent civil rights movement that transformed the American politics and inspired oppressed people throughout the world. Most Americans remember King as a dreamer.

But, I believe that he achieved much more than just a dream. He led and inspired many to take practical steps toward the attainment of their ideals. His so many achievements in the short span of twelve years point to the fact that his dream was deeply rooted in reality. He was a leader of freedom, justice and equality. In 1983, Congress voted to establish the 3rd Monday in January as a National holiday to commemorate King’s day. Other than George Washington no other American has been accorded such an honor. For Martin Luther King, it will be his writings that live on.

This is because he moved the world with his techniques and ways of peace and non-violence. King strove for racial equality and did this through his speeches and protests. One of his famous speeches was on August 28, 1963, called “I Have a Dream”. It was a march and a speech that the world will never forget. It was estimated that 250,000 people marched to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington where they heard Martin Luther King give a speech of wisdom and peace. His passionate voice was heard from people throughout the world and represented equal rights for all citizens, including those who ere born black and brown. In conclusion, Martin Luther King would be a catalyst for change in today’s world. He had many accomplishments and moved the world to a greater reality and way of living. His philosophy of non violence was a mix of the teachings of Jesus Christ and M K Gandhi. They both influenced Martin Luther King and created a person with powerful beliefs. If he were alive now I would greatly want to meet him because of what he has done to change the worlds equality rights. It would be an honor to be with such a powerful leader.