Mini Honeymoon Destinations Essay

Checkout the No. 1 Lifestyle Magazine of North India at www. glimpsemagazine. com Marriage is a heavenly union of two souls. Honeymoons need not always be long tours. The choice to do a series of ‘mini-honeymoons’ is partially out of necessity: couples have limited time off from work, or they spend their budget on the wedding itself, leaving less of a honeymoon fund for an extravagant trip. The travel time to these destinations is pretty much equivalent to traveling to any destination within the country. So let’s check out some quick honeymoon destinations… Bali.

Bali is one of the most exotic destination and has its own appeal. Pristine beauty of Bali is seen in the beaches along sandy shores, terraced hills, volcanoes and people with a determination to welcome everyone with their tradition of hospitality. On your honeymoon in Bali, one of the luxury honeymoon destinations, enjoy various activities like sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing and trekking. Bali’s fusion of spiritual being, nature, art ; culture makes it a perfect destination for honeymooners to explore each other. Mauritius. It is no wonder that Mauritius is a favored honeymoon destination.

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If it’s sandy white beaches, crystal clear seas and some of the most romantic and exclusive retreats in the world you are looking for, then look no further! The varied landscape, luxury hotels such as the famous Le Saint Geran, Le Meridien Ile Maurice and Le Touessrok combined with the water sports facilities along its stunning beaches make Mauritius an ideal location for a magical honeymoon. Seychelles This haven in the Indian Ocean is a smidgen of coral atolls. A silent and peaceful getaway, the island of Mahe is the vivacious hub of this island. Sparkling deep blue seas line and tall palm beaches sweep you off your feet.

You will love to walk over the soft, powdery sands and or just basking in the sun. Diving and snorkeling with the magnificent marine creatures in the crystal clear waters will add to your glory. At night, you can enjoy the grandeur of the nightlife, the casinos and the nightclubs or enjoy live band performances on the beach. Maldives The Maldives are a group of tiny coral islands located in the Indian Ocean, due west from the southern tip of India. There are over one thousand of the islands in total, all surrounded by fine white sand beaches and beautiful crystal blue seas.

It is no surprise that this stunning destination is a favorite with honeymooners. Honeymoon on Cruise Cruises are more than just a vacation or holiday, they are all inclusive. Cruises are the most relaxing and worry free option available for honeymoons. A cruise ship is used for pleasure voyages and the ship’s amenities are the part of the experience. Within Asia, you have a lot of options to choose from and can combine a few ports as well. Cruises sail to every continent, and you can turn anyone in your honeymoon getaway!


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