Miguel Angel Rios’s “A Morir (’til Death),” 2003 vs. Glassford’s “Nine Slat Mirror” Essay

Interpret Meaning And Rhetorical Argument They Make


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A Morir is a kind of video game metaphorically used by the Rios as a violence, oppression, war, competition and power over others. Rios states “My idea was to use this game as a metaphor for our times. In this film, I express the terrible moments in which we are living, where we can feel like life is worth nothing. This is also about competition, power, violence and chaos. The viewer can identify with the powerful or the weak one. ‘A Morir’ is about war.”

Glassford’s artistic piece is the shadow of new and modern era. Theme of this orthodox painting was religion portrayed in everyday life of a common man or woman shadowed in the image of life. His work is in obsolete contrast to ordinary paintings of time and religion. His painting developed specific style. All other future artists were influenced by his work. Glassford’s Nine Slat’s texture and shades are wonderful, incredible, extraordinary, notable, noteworthy making it an outstanding image.

Miguel Angel Rios
A Morir (’til Death), 2003

Thomas Glassford, Nine Slat Mirror, 2001
The Bruce and Diane Halle Collection
© Thomas Glassford


Rois piece depict that today we live in a society of competition between power dominancy till the our life comes to an end. His catastrophic paintings show awfully terrible ending of war with dreadful and calamitous consequences. The image is beautifully painted showing shattering outcomes of conflict. He uses revolutionary methods to portray his art work.

Glassford’s piece shows one of the innovative works of art. Illustration is superb. He reveals the true reality of life and its miseries. The abstract expressionist movement is clearly pictured and in understandable mode to the viewers. North American people’s myth is shown with ambiguous lines. The vague image is not showing any defined outline of faces but all images are blurred.



Rios, born in 1943 Argentina, currently lives in New York City. He took admission in Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires for his studies and in 1998 received his John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.

Glassford is an American born Artist (1963). Glossford’s Nine Slat shows mirror images and shapes with clearly drawn, like squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals and rounds. In addition, shapes of specific images depicting wartime and continuous fighting. Shapes of arrows, stones, grass, rocks and fire is viewable.



Miguel Angel Rios’s “A Morir (’til Death),” 2003 a video game made on three black channel to accomplish the motives of war and disaster that prevails hatred. There are no particular indefinable parts through out the game. It’s a vague idea with composition of all contrasting metaphors. Points of emphasis are unclear though it’s clear that it’s a wartime image.

Nine Slat mirror is a remarkably accomplished piece formed not only the basis of learning for other artists but a guide and analytical point for draperies and religious simplicity. They were painted with great care and full awareness using all possible techniques to reveal the themes. The main idea served as the study guide for the future artists to learn from its themes, colors, dressing and portrayal of plainness. His painting tried to convey the message of true nature and idealism. Though, he never wanted to portray spirituality in his paintings. It was painted with greatest possible attention to illustrate a devout and an ordinary pious man with daily schedules. Lines are drawn in all directions from top to bottom, right to left in curves and in circles. Lines in red Indians head feather are also clearly seen. More lines are present on the earth showing a messy situation.


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