Microsoft word Unique features Essay

In age of Information Technology, Microsoft Word has become an inevitable tool for offices, students, faculty members and even school-going kids. With its unique user-friendly interface and multiple text-formatting features, MS Word is undoubtedly market leader of text editing applications. Apart from the commonly used features such as changing the font size, font color, aligning the text etc, there are numerous other tools which prove very useful in improving the efficiency of producing documents.

Track Changes: While working on an existing file or a file created by someone else, there is always an element of doubt regarding the original text settings of the pages. Such an issue can be overcome by switching on “Track Changes” feature under the “Tools” menu. Shown in Fig 1. Or you could use a short key combination: Ctrl+Shift+E. Enabling this feature would not only highlight the change but also categorize it with information like “Delete”: If you delete any text, “Insert”: If you add any text, “Format”: If you italicize or embolden any text and so forth.
Toolbars and Buttons: A user may be deft at all the features; provided he knows where to access them from. Many a times we are unable to locate familiar button or tools which appear between the main menus on the top and the page layout. In order to add and remove features the knowledge of “View” menu is imperative. Fig 2. shows that the “Toolbars” cascade makes different type of toolbars available to the user.
Save AutoRecover Info: In case there is an unexpected computer crash while you are typing a document, you might count seconds till the system powers back on. You can either curse your luck if the work is lost or use the “Save AutoRecover Info” feature. Under the “Tools” menu the last option is “Options”. Use the “Save” tab in the “Options” window and check the box that says “Save AutoRecovery Info every:” Select a suitable duration ideally between 5 to 10 minutes. This will ensure the recovery of your file even if you forget to Save (Ctrl+S) very often. Word would automatically take you to pre-crash status once the system restarts.
Add Background Picture: Adding a faded image in the background of your text can significantly improve the character of your file. The visual impression of a boring report containing monotonous text can be an eye sore. In order to lend a faded image effect or add a picture in the background of your text, MS Word has a feature under the “Format” menu, its called “Background”. Choose the “Fill Effects” (Refer Fig 4) option in the cascade menu and then click on the “Picture” tab in the box that appears. You need not worry if the images that you have are high saturation or too dark, Word provides the ability to fade them considerably in order to contrast with Black colored text.

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Figure 1


Figure 2





Figure 3


Figure 4