McDonald’s Social Credentials Essay

A year ago, McDonald’s has faced criticisms and judgments that have threatened to bring the company down. Apparently, McDonald’s was accused of contributing to the high incidences of heart diseases, diabetes and cancer brought about by obesity. With the wide selection of foods offered by McDonald’s from single to double-sized burgers, French fries, and other foods on their menu, the company has been labeled to be a junk food haven that apparently endangers the lives of its customers. This has brought several lawsuits filed against McDonald’s.

Court proceedings have allowed further investigation into the matter by reviewing the history of McDonald’s, marketing strategies, items from their menu, and results of epidemiological research that studies the influence of fat to the diagnosis of breast and colon cancer. (“Nutrition”) Due to these detrimental lawsuits, and critiques from customers who are socially, health and even environmentally conscious, McDonald’s was quick to take action and acknowledge the efforts of society, which seemingly pushed the government, to reform health care systems.

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In the overview of the McDonald’s Health Care Principles, the company has claimed it has been actively involved in the promotion of valuing health, therefore implementing guiding principles that are focused on contributing to the improvement of health care and the resolution of several social and economic issues. At this point, McDonald’s has also claimed their company to be responsible socially and committed to the welfare of society. (McDonald’s, 2008)

Moreover, McDonald’s has included contributions to information disseminations and educational discussions about health and well-being, food and nutrition, and other concerns that people need to know in order for them to avail of a healthy body and lifestyle. This is McDonald’s response regarding the rising costs of basic services including health care. In addition, information dissemination and educational discussions include the prevention of several health conditions and diseases that would force individuals to spend on health care services. McDonald’s, 2008) McDonald’s has also showed the government and society how dedicated they are to reform the image and reputation of their company and address complaints and demands of their customers. The company has reinvented their menu and added what they call the “Go Active” meal, which is intended for adults. This particular meal included a salad and a bottle of water, and it comes with a pedometer for customers to be able to count the steps they take each day.

Moreover, the company promised to include in their labeling the nutrition facts with every food item that they provide in order for customers to be able to identify how many calories and fats they are consuming with every meal. (“Legal Political and Social Issues…”) McDonalds’ has also grown conscious of the food items and services that they offer to their customers. Moreover, the company values its customers and what the society is saying, therefore, pushing them to get involved with groups and organizations that support good cause.

Last year, McDonald’s opted to establish a relationship with the Vegetarian Society. The purpose of the company’s move is to gain more insight in providing food items that complies with the standards of vegetarian meals. (Clark, 2007) In January of the same year, McDonald’s has also tied-up with Rainforest Alliance. This partnership assists the company’s aim of selling coffee that is only made from the finest and healthiest ingredients, as approved accordingly by the Rainforest Alliance.

Other products that are used for the company’s food items shall be carefully monitored in order to gain, for instance, beef that is obtained from the highest standards of meat handling. (Capell, 2007) Although McDonald’s has faced numerous criticisms from the government, society, and other competitors, they have shown how responsive and sensitive they were when it comes to the quality of products they offer and their valuing of their customers. The company has proven to be responsive due to its active involvement in causes that are contributory to the health and wellbeing of society, especially their customers.