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When performing an upgrade for your computers when it comes to software it is important to plan the upgrade before putting it into place, by having a plan it will help your business from running into major problems, a plan acts as documentation for the whole upgrade documenting every step you have taken into consideration before going through with the upgrade. In the future when you install the software the plan acts like a guide and helps to troubleshoot the issues that you may have, it allows you to see the changes you have made to the machine and will help to pinpoint where something has went wrong along the way. For more in depth information on the planning stage please refer to part one of the assignment as it details the steps in order to carry out a successful plan of an upgrade.


When starting an upgrade of the software (AVG and notepad++) it is important to have all of the materials that you will need to perform the upgrade, this includes:

·         The computer system

·         The Installation media

·         The Installation guides

·         The licence keys

The Computer system – When installing the software onto your system you must make sure that the computer system is suitable to have the software installed onto it, in this case the software is AVG antivirus software and Notepad++. AVG doesn’t require very powerful hardware to run on your machine, the requirements are found at https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?l=en=What-are-AVG-system-requirements-and-supported-opearting-systems This means that you wont have to have a very powerful computer to be able to use their antivirus software. The requirements for notepad++ can be found at http://notepad.reviewsoft.com/details/ , they are very low requirements so that the program can be used on the majority of machines in the work place. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check the requirements of the machine because they are so low, you should still check its requirements against the specifications of your computer to make sure that you will be able to use it on all of the computers within the office so that in the future when you go to install the software you don’t run into any problems that are to do with the requirement of the software. (NRC, 2017) (AVG, 2017)

The installation media – When installing the software onto all of the machines in the office it is easier to download the software onto one device and distribute is to all of the machines within the office using the one device instead of having multiple downloads. The best form of doing this considering that we are talking about AVG and Notepad++ and that they are not large pieces of software would be a memory pen as it allows you to transport easily to all of the machines and upload and install the software onto each machine effectively. (AVG, 2017) (Notepad++, 2017)

The installation guides – By using guides for each specific software you will make the whole process a lot easier as they will be detailed step by step with descriptions for each stage. The guide for the installation of AVG can be found at https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?l=en&urlName=Download-and-install-AVG-AntiVirus-Internet-Security-or-Premium-Security&supportType=home This includes the whole process for the installation step by step with pictures to ensure you that you are doing the correct steps. The installation for notepad++ can be found at https://www.wikihow.com/Install-Notepad%2B%2B It also gives you picture and a step by step guide to install the software. (AVG, 2017) (Notepad++, 2017)

License keys ­– License keys are needed most of the time when you purchase commercial software, when you download open source software they do not require licence keys as they have been developed to be used for free. When you purchase the software for AVG you will be require to enter a licence key for each system that you have purchased the software for, it will be sent to you by email from the company after the purchase of the software licence. On the other hand when you download Notepad++ you will not be required to enter a licence key as it is open source. (NRC, 2017) (AVG, 2017)


When choosing a time for the install you must consider a number of factors, these would be the time of day (work hours), day of the week and if it is a holiday. If the install needs to be done during a work day and can’t wait it is important to consider if it is during work hours, if it is it could cause downtime for some of the machines, meaning that the machines can’t be used. It is also important to consider the day of the week that the install will be performed on for example if it is during the week this could cause downtime for the computers as they can’t be used while the install is going on. It can also be planned to take place on a work holiday which is the most desirable time as this allows the company to get the software installed onto every computer within the offices without anybody else being there, this means that the computers are not needed so there is no rush and it can be done easier as nobody will need access to the computers, it also allows the computers to be checked to see if the software is causing any problems and be corrected if needs be. (NRC, 2017)


During the install it is important to keep in communications with everybody that will be involved with the procedure to install and upgrade the software on the computers, this will include the people who need to use the software so that they know how long the procedure will take as they may need access to the systems to complete tasks, the management within the company so that the are aware of the going-ons within the company and how long the systems will be down for, and also the vendor of the software as this means any problems that arise from the software can be easily troubleshooted to make sure that the software is installed correctly. A good form of communication is email, this allows all conversations to be documented which can act as a reference for everyone involved so that if there is a problem or something that needs looked at they can see of any changes made to the system and be corrected. AVG support can be contacted at https://support.avg.com/?l=en, support for notepad ++ is done through community forums as it does not have official support. (NRC, 2017) (AVG, 2017)


It is important for appropriate training to be provided so that the user of the software knows what it is that they are doing and if a problem arises they know who to contact to be able to correct the issue. You may want to have somebody who is in charge of the system so that they know the ins and outs of the system, this means that they will be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the lifetime of that particular software. Support for the software, AVG for example, can be found on their own site by a team of people so that if an issue arises that cannot be solved by the person in charge they can be contacted to see if a fix can be found for the particular issue, this help can be found at https://support.avg.com/?l=en. (NRC, 2017) (AVG, 2017)

Gaining permission and access

It is important the correct access controls are put in place so that for example a user of the computer cannot accidentally or deliberately mess with the software installed on the computer, this could be problems like deleting important files or changing settings that they shouldn’t have. These sort of access controls should be locked to only the administrator so that settings cannot be changed without their permission, they should also be the only account that can change hardware settings or install new software so that the system runs the way that it should and performs as intended. When you as a company want to update your system with the new software(AVG and Notepad++) it is important that the correct credentials are obtained so that the person doing the procedure does not have any trouble installation. (NRC, 2017)