look thisreally is a tough choice you

look out here come the ten hardestchoices you’ll ever have to makethroughout our lives we are constantlybombarded with major choices whichuniversity should I apply to should Itake that higher paid job on the otherside of the country do I like red mm orblue our decisions not only determineour future but also define us and shapeour personalities in this videoBrightside offers you the opportunity tomake ten extremely difficult choices atthe end of the video we’ll tell you whatkind of person you arethere are only two possible answers toeach question you need to choose betweenoption a and option B so this is likethe Kobayashi Maru test in Star Trek huhas you’re taking the test keep track ofhow many times you choose a or B becauseyou’ll need these totals at the end ofthe video to find out your resultsyou’ll only have five seconds to thinkabout each question before we give youthe explanation don’t think too long andgo with your gut you’ll get the mostaccurate results that way here we gocounting down from number ten would yourather a be the smartest person aroundor be the most charmingMusichow about the one with the most moneywell that’s not a choice now if youchose a it means you don’t really careabout what other people think you’rejust fine on your own if you’d prefer tobe charming other people’s opinions areimportant to you question nine would yourather a always have to tell the truthor B always lie can I just take theFifth Amendment right now now thisreally is a tough choice you eithercan’t lie at all or you can never tellthe truth if you choose truth over liesit indicates that you’re a selflessperson question eight would you rather anever have internet access again or Bnever take an airplane in your lifeMusicor see never have to take an enemathat’s not a choice come on if you havea fear of flying the choice might beobvious for you but if you’re an avidtraveler we feel your painchoosing the internet over flying couldmean that you care a lot about theenvironment or you just really lovewatching our videos on YouTube Plusthanks to the Internet you can visit anycountry you want without ever leavingyour apartment question 7 would yourather a find true love or B win amillion dollars can’t we just do both ifyou win for the money it might be anindication that you don’t really believein such things as true love you’reprobably really practical andunemotional question 6 would you rathera never be able to speak again or Balways have to say everything on yourmindMusicoh I like that not being able to speakis really hard but is it worse thatyou’re always saying what you think yourgirlfriend asked you if she looks goodand you are unable to lie and say yescan you imagine the consequencesso maybe silence is golden or maybeBitcoin okay question five would yourather a have a photographic memory or Bbe able to forget anything you want whatwas the question againhaving a photographic memory means thatyou can learn all kinds of things reallyeasily but you know this can be a curseyou remember all the bad things thatpeople normally forget so forgettinganything that you want at any time nowsounds pretty tempting right howeverchoosing a photographic memory meansthat you are a strong person number fourwould you rather a never have sex againor B never eat your favorite foodMusicoh that’s a tough one choosing to neverhave sex probably means that you preferto be alone and if you opted for foodwell you must really love foodI do number three would you rather a bethe only person in the world to live ahappy life or B be the only person inthe world to live an unhappy life I’mconfused now think about it for a secondthis one is extremely hard – can youreally be happy in a world where thereare only unhappy people your friendsyour family all having hardships exceptlucky you yeah I could give it a shot nonot reallyquestion two would you rather a be thefirst person to discover an inhabitableplanet or B be the inventor of a drugthat cures a deadly disease oh that’s atricky oneMusicboth of these things are so importantfor Humanity but curing a disease meansthat you can save a lot of people rightnowwell discovering a planet would be ahuge leap in technology but only in thelong term so you’d probably never beable to see it in person anyway andquestion one would you rather a be poorbut be able to help people or be getincredibly rich by hurting other peopleMusicwell this seems obvious but if you choseoption a it means you’re someone whocares about other people more thanyourself as for choosing B well it’spretty much the opposite okay now it’stime to see the final results surprisethis was a test of how selfish you areoh how sneaky if you chose a from one tothree times you’re a pretty selfishperson very few people would like towork with you in a team it’s not thatbad though it just means that you preferfighting for yourself to get exactlywhat you want but would you really stepon other people to get there if youchose option A from four to six timesthat means you’re moderately selfishyou’re like the Goldilocks of this listnot too much not too little just rightit’s been eating my porridge pretty muchmost people would fall into thiscategory you can be selfish when youneed to benow if you chose option a from seven toten times you’re the type of person whois always ready to sacrifice your owninterests for someone else but will youever get what you want in life if youeasily give it up for others motherTeresa she’s back so what were yourresults do you agree with them tell usin the comment section belowlike this video and share it with yourfriends to learn what kind of peopleyou’re surrounding yourself with don’tforget to click the subscribe button tojoin us on the bright side of life