Life Span and Development Essay

Life Span Development and Personality
An individual’s personality is formed by the age of five (Kowalski & Westen, 2011). Many factors impact the life span development and personality of an individual. Elvis Presley is a music legend and famous for his distinct look, sound, and character. Elvis and his career is a product of his heredity and environment; his psychological development, nature versus nurture, and his openness and extroversion clearly explain his life span development. Psychological Development

Heredity and environment play a tremendous role in shaping an individual’s personality starting from infancy into adulthood. ” Thus, the question is not which is more important, nature or nurture, or even how much each contributes, but rather how nature and nurture contribute interactively to development” (Kowalski & Westen, 2011, p. 479). Characteristics that heredity affects in the emotional psychological development are; shyness, extroversion, emotionality, neuroticism, schizophrenia, anxiety, and alcoholism. Elvis Presley possesses a few of these characteristics. As a child Elvis was a shy boy and often felt the rejection from peers, agents, and people in the industry. Heredity and environment both influences development. Freud believes that personality develops during childhood. Nature versus Nurture

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The psychological emotional development of Elvis includes shyness, extroversion, and anxiety. The influences of heredity and enviroment play an important role in Elvis Presley’s life. Many struggles came to Elvis and his family. Elvis mother was originally pregnant with twins but Elvis’s brother was born a still born and has little to do with the emotional development of Elvis. Elvis was a newborn so this death did not have an impact of him. With his family constantly struggling they often had to move during Elvis’s childhood (Rosenberg, 2013). The lack of consistency in his life and the other influences of environment had a great deal to do with the development of Elvis’s life. The constant moving around, struggles to keep a home, and growing up with his father in prison; factors that led Elvis to be a loner and hit a depression. As Elvis became an adult and a popular musician, he became dependent on drugs. Freud’s theory involves defense mechanism and Elvis is an excellent example of this. His drug addiction began after losing his mother and serving in the military. The drug addiction began with prescription drugs and his defense mechanism was the doctors prescribe the medication, therefore making it acceptable. Throughout his life Elvis stood out with his personality, his looks, his attitude, and needs to satisfy himself and the public. Openness and Extroversion. Feldman (2013) stated, “The most influential trait approach contends the five traits or factors-called the “Big Five”-lie at the core of personality” (p. 362). Elvis in his time was a public figure and extremely popular. His looks, his choice of music, and his proactive moves plays much into his personality. Elvis was an entertainer, artistic, imaginative, and creative. Openness is a perfect example of the Big Five Factor to describe Elvis as well as extroversion. Kowalski and Westen (2011) Extraversion traits deal with excitement seeking, active, and assertive (p. 449). Psychodynamic of Humanistic

“Many humanistic psychologists argue that scientific methods borrowed from the natural sciences are inappropriate for studying people, whose actions, unlike those of fish or asteroids, reflect the way they understand and experience themselves and the world” (Kowalski & Westen, 2011, p. 466). The humanistic approach perfectly explains Elvis’s behaviors and achievements. Elvis did suffer from a drug problem he was a very talented and iconic music figure. His life, music, and legacy are perfect examples of what it means to be human. Elvis met his needs in order to achieve his success beginning with his basic needs and up until his self actualization needs.