Life Knows No Ethnicity Essay

The human race has endured the trials of time. As one nation, humans have lived in a manner of ethnic segregation. Each member of an ethnic race is bound to live with their own kind. This segregation created the term “racism”. Racism is the belief that the race of a man is the primary determinant of his capabilities and traits. Believing that one race is more superior or dominant than other races. Skin color is usually the determinant of racism. People are judged by the color of their skin.

There is a prejudgment that white women are more attractive than black women. In some unfortunate instances, a white lady is favored more than a black lady. This behavior had long been in our society, even before the birth of Christ. This has been seen in the life of Sarai and Hagar. According from Genesis 16, Sarai is the wife of a wealthy man named Abram. Being a wife of a wealthy man, Sarai was considered a woman of immense social status; however one drawback is she did not bore Abram any child.

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During their time, a woman’s self-worth is summed up by her ability to bore a child. This is a devastating scenario for a woman who has riches but riches cannot buy her fertility. Prior to this, God made a covenant with Abram. In Genesis 15, God ask Abram to count the stars in the night sky and that would be the number of his descendants. Sarai was in her advanced age, she doubted God’s covenant with Abram, so Sarai, a wealthy woman used her slave Hagar.

Hagar is an Egyptian woman who has no control over her own body because a slave in those time where considered as commodity. There are two phases in the relationship of Sarai and Hagar. The initial phase of the relationship is considered the typical master-slave relationship. Wherein a master would treat her slave as a commodity and the slave would not object the master. This relationship was seen in with Sarah and Hagar before Hagar conceived a child. Sarai ordered Hagar to sleep with Abram so that she could bear a child and consider it her own.

Hagar followed without any objections. This started the second phase of their relationship wherein a slave realized her self-worth by being the concubine of her mistress’ husband. This changed destroyed the master-slave relationship. Hagar no longer looked at Sarai as a master because Hagar did more than what her master could do. Sarai and Hagar are evidences women who have personal burdens. Their relationship could have been better. If only they were not both arrogant.

Sarah could have help Hagar in raising the child, however she cannot accept that her slave was better than her so she chose to despise Hagar. On the other hand, Hagar could have still been submissive to her mistress and not think lowly about her. They were both struggling with their own personal issues. Every woman has her own personal struggles and it does not put any ethnicity superior than the other. All the women of each ethnic race face the same struggles of everyday life. It would be better if women today are treated for who they are and not for their skin color or race.


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