Life is what we make it Essay

            Life is what we make it. Everyday, there are choices we make which later affects our life in the future. Whether it is against us or in favor of us, we are responsible for every action we make.

When I graduated from High School, I was determined that my next step would be entering college. But my big problem was I never knew what course to take.

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I even came to a point of questioning myself whether I really have to go to college after all. In other words, I was at lost and I didn’t know what to do.

Not until I talked with my father. He helped me laid down my interests and guided me on the possible course I can take that best suit my passion. It dawned on me that since I was young, I have always love numbers and mathematics.

So I decided to take up Engineering. It is not that my father and my family say so, but it is my dream. I never even realized that I have wanted to be an Engineer if not for the guidance of my father.

When I decided to apply for this course, I felt like I was entering adulthood. I knew I just made a decision that would forever change my life. Once I entered the College of Engineering, I know that there is no turning back. I will finish what I will start.

From now on, I would no longer be the highschool boy who has a happy-go-lucky lifestyle; because I know that I need to focus my attention on my academics so I could pass this course with flying colors. I wanted to be an Engineer and graduate from a well respected school like the University of Massachusetts in Boston.   And I am aware that this is not going to be a walk in the park. But I am willing to take this journey of a lifetime. It is a new beginning of a more meaningful and challenging life.

I consider college as a step towards a bigger dream. I know that from here, I will learn more about living an independent life away from my parents and closest friends. I think this is going to be a tough decision since I would be going out of my comfort zone. I am about to explore a new world which is unfamiliar with me. But even with this given circumstances, I am not afraid to take my first step.

I have heard so much about college life from other people I know who are already in a University taking up various courses. They have shared a lot of stories and I have heard so much about their exciting experiences. The adjustment period they had is simply amazing and I just can’t wait for to start my own story and share it to them too.

When I decided to pursue my college degree, my life changed. I became more passionate and determined to enjoy life while learning in a new environment. I want to meet new friends and learn from them too. I am excited and curious on the knowledge and wisdom that our professors could impart on us. I also wonder what my new classmates would bring into class, I mean how will I interact with them and how will they treat me in return too. I felt excited, yet a bit nervous. I guess this is part of growing. This must be what they call “growing pains”, you know, the pain of changing. Because change is inevitable and it is a must if someone wants to succeed. I am willing to grow maturely so I am willing to take this change for good.

I want to give my best to prove myself and to fulfil my family’s dream for me. I want to be able to help and serve them too, after I finished this course and land a job. I am looking forward that someday, I could somehow make my family happy and fulfilled knowing that I have not failed them. It is my personal satisfaction too.

If big dreams start small, then I know that I am at the starting point towards fulfilling my dreams. I consider it as a new adventure which brings new hopes and aspirations to better shape my future.

I know this is what I really wanted and I will definitely go for it.


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