Letter writing Essay

1. Hi Sam,

Here is the information that you asked me to gather for you regarding  Robert Morris College Admission requirements. I made a mistake with the original application fee figure I gave you. After checking with the admissions office, I found out that they had increased the fees to $30 and applies to the regular, out of state, or online application fee. The good news is that, unlike what we first thought, they will accept transfer students so that means you stand a very good chance of being admitted. You have to hurry up with your application though because the slots in the open admission and selective admission courses really get sold out fast.

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The Admissions officer told me that you will need to get together your Secondary School GPA record, College Preparation Completion, and your admission test scores. BTW, you will need to show them your SAT scores if you have them. If not, you can schedule to take the SAT’s with them are a future date. Try to get the soonest possible date because I am not sure about when the regular admissions application cut off date will be. So the sooner you get all your requirements together, the sooner we might reserve you a slot.

Get back to me as soon as you have all the necessary paperwork that I mentioned above altogether, we can set a date for me to accompany you to Robert Morris College. Or,  if you have any other problems or questions that I can help you out with.

Your friend,

2. Dear Sir,

I would like to commend Ms. Rosie Jones for her exemplary handling of my credit card billing dispute. I had already spoken to a number of your customer support representatives regarding some improper billing complaints and I must say that majority of them do not know their jobs and simply go by the book. It was only Ms. Jones who took the time to think outside of the box and put herself in my situation thus helping me to calm down and work with her towards finding an amenable solution to my problem. She told me that she would personally attend to my problem and call me back within the day. At the end of the work day, she indeed called me back and gave me a progress report regarding my complaint. Although she had not resolved the issue yet, it gave me a nice feeling to know that somebody was taking my complaint seriously and was acting upon it. She gave me her word that she would do her best to resolve the issue by the end of the workday on Friday. I did not really believe that she could do what she said so I was amazed when she called me yesterday after lunch to tell me that the issue had been resolved and the improper billing had been corrected and reflected in the computer.

Your company needs more employees like Ms. Jones. If I were her supervisor, I would be sure to recommend her for a promotion, as I hope you will do for her on my behalf.


3.  Dear Sir,

This is in reference to the billing statement for the account number 01234 (telephone number  567890) dated August 27, 2007 and due on August 31. 2007. Your company is charging me $45 for the monthly use of the national direct dialing service package. If you will kindly double check your computer files, you will realize that a billing mistake has been made. I have never signed up for any sort of direct dialing service with your company since I began my phone subscription in the year 2000.  I therefore am requesting that an investigation be made into the issue before I settle my monthly phone bill.

I refuse to accept the standard answer of your company every time I come to you with similar billing problems. This time, I will not pay for the bill in question and await the refund to be reflected in my next statement because that does not happen unless I harass the billing department of your company.

Thank you for your immediate attention and action regarding this problem. I look forward to hearing from you about the outcome of your investigation.


4. Dear Mrs. Langford,

I received your notice dated April 2, 2007 regarding the implementation of a 5 percent rental increase starting next month. I would like to beg your consideration and understanding as I request that you not increase the rental on my apartment unit.

I have been struggling to make ends meet even though I am working 3 jobs at the moment. With a child to raise as a single parent, I simply cannot afford to pay any sort of increase in any of my bills. It is my fervent hope that you can grant me a stay on my rental increase at least until I am able to find a stable and permanent decent paying job. I realize that the cost of living has gone up in the recent months and that building maintenance eats away at a chunk of the monthly rental your tenants pay. But I would like you to stop and consider the contribution of your building tenants towards the maintenance of the building as well.

As a tenant, I am expected to pay for my individual utility bills as well as the minor and major repairs to my unit. So the only maintenance cost left for you as the landlord to deal with is the actual building maintenance. Considering that I shoulder the upkeep of my unit, I believe that it would only be fair that I get a break in terms of rental increase.

I am sincerely hoping that you will consider my situation and suggestions when deciding upon my request for a stay in my rental increase.