Law Librarians at Justin & Justin Assume New Role Essay

Law Librarians at Justin & Justin Assume New Role

            Law librarians at the law offices of Justin & Justin have taken on additional roles to enable the law office to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape in the legal profession. This new role represents a departure from their traditional role of gathering legal-related information needed by lawyers at Justin & Justin for the cases that they handle.

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While their historical role has been to collect information which consisted mainly of jurisprudence and precedent cases that lawyers use in arguing their civil or criminal cases in court either as private prosecutors or as defense lawyers, this is no longer the case today because our law librarians are now involved in client development as well.

Librarians have access to various sources of information such as online databases and books which they obtain through the internet and by way of interlibrary loans. Hence, they are equipped with tools that help the firm maintain its current clientele and provide background information on potential clients. They help monitor trade journals relevant to our clients’ industry for the purpose of providing our attorneys with adequate knowledge about our clients’ business. Thus armed, our attorneys will always have topics of conversation every time they meet with their clients. Our law librarians are also involved in preparing comprehensive packages of information for our attorneys who are meeting with potential clients. These may include information about our prospective client’s company gleaned from major trade journals and the company web site, recent company financial statements obtained from its annual report, profiles of key company executives, and product information.

The evolving role of our law librarians in client development is now considered significant to our firm’s business. It recognizes our librarian’s competence in helping our attorneys bring in desired clients.



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