Kansas City: America’s Inland Port Essay

Economics waves, as described by Kondratiev, are the rising and falling of growth and recession within capitalistic free trade practices. Kansas City, in the new era of free trade and rapid commerce in America, is wonderfully poised to act as a rising inland port for the transport of products.

The coastal American ports are burgeoning, even in a recession, and Kansas City has both a prime locale between the already active and overcrowded Gulf, Atlantic, and Pacific ports as well as the creative and ethical economic and political systems necessary to cradle the transport of goods and services as they move across the nation, through nations, and across continents.

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By ensuring the construction of the “NAFTA Railway” by Kansas City Southern rail company’s purchase of a controlling interest in Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana, the existence of a single 1,300 mile railroad system was brought into reality under common leadership, connecting the Central US, Central Mexico, and Mexico’s Pacific seaports.

In addition to this rail purchase and expansion, the prime positioning of Kansas City between California and the East Coast, Canada and Mexico, makes Kansas City the prime target for the new heartbeat of America. With free trade opening new pathways between countries, the spillover from older ports through Kansas City will surely happen, especially during the rise of the next economic wave in the next several decades, and the infrastructure necessary to ensure the movement of products through this potential global city is already aptly in place.