Jessica and Portia Essay

In “the merchant of the Venice”, Jessica, daughter of shylock shows shame for her father’s in the play. She steals money from Shylock and elopes with Lorenzo who is a Christian. There’re both good and bad side for Jessica’s elopement. Jessica exclaims that her “house is hell” and eloping with Lorenzo can freed her from this horrible house and the control of her father. She doesn’t have to feel ashamed for having such a bad father and doesn’t have to bear her father’s cruel treatment anymore.

Also, she can marry with someone who she really loves. She’ll become a Christian after the marriage with Lorenzo, this may enhance herself and her living condition. She can also have a new life that can be controlled by her own self. In the other side, Jessica’s going to face an insecure future on her own. Will Lorenzo love her, take care her ever after? Is Lorenzo really a dependable person hat Jessica can marry with? Will the other Christian accept her?

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Jessica loses the support from her father and Shylock will no longer help her, she have to face all these uncertainties herself. In my point of view, I think Jessica shouldn’t elope with Lorenzo. As mentioned above, there’re so much uncertainties in the future. She’s taking a big risk. She might achieve success to have better life, at the same time, she might lose. Also, She’ll lose support from her father Shylock. Secondly, no matter how bad Shylock is, he’s still Jessica’s father, they’re biologically bounded together.

Jessica shouldn’t elope from her father but urge her father to turn over a new leave if she thinks that Shylock isn’t an ideal father. Eloping with Lorenzo is a selfish act. She doesn’t consider about her father’s feeling Jessica’s elopement may arouse Shylock’s anger and he might take revenge which make things even worse. Shylock might feel lonely and disappointed. Is that a correct way to treat your father who give birth to you and bring you up?