Jamberoo Camp Recount Essay

This year camp was at jamberoo and it was awesome!!!! I got up at 6:15 in the morning to get my suitcase and go down to school for a 7:15 school bus ride to jamberoo. when we got there we got into our tribes. Mine was the yellow tribe and our instructor was called Laura the explora. she was really fun and nice. We had so much fun!!! We all had cabins with 3 people in it and I had Angus & jack. We all slept so well with our heated blankets and then we had an amazing breakfast buffet where you could have cereal, bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast and a choice of orange or apple juice, it was so nice.

We could get up at 7:00 in the morning for a bushwalk then come back for breakfast then do some activities before lunch. The activities included a really fun one called the eagle’s nest where you had to climb a really tall tree with a harness and then jump off from the top and then land on the ground. Another activity was one called the giant swing where the rest of your tribe pull you up in a harness really high off the ground then you have to pull a green string and you fall for about 2 seconds then you start to swing up really high then come back down and keep on going until you stop.

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You feel so cool and weird at the same the time. There was also an activity called sock wrestling where your instructor straps you up to this long rope high off the ground with these tags in your shoes with another person and then they spin you and you let go and have to battle for each others tags. I did it 2 times and after that I nearly threw up! In our cabin we only had 3 people but had 5 beds with heated blankets!!!!!! It was soooo warm!!! Jamberoo was an awesome camp and I wish we could go there again.