It group, people often choose to sit

It is widely agreed that
personal space is higly valued and people tend to feel discomfortable, angry,
or anxious when their personal space is invaded; and acoording to Engleberg & Wynn
(2006), permitting a person to come
into personal space and entering somebody else’s personal space are indicators
of perception of those people’s relationship. Moreover, clearly, no matter the
culture, the distance zones that we choose for different groups and people can
communicate our feelings towards them in very powerful ways. Intimate distance is obviously the space set aside only for those who we trust, love and
consider the most important in our social spheres. If such people are present
in our most inner circle, we, of course, enjoy their presence, but to other uninvited
existence, we will shut down and try to retain somehow our comfort zone. This explains why we feel uneasy, embarrassed or even
furious when a person we are not familiar with gives a sudden hug or kiss. The confusion and panic caused by one’s exposure
to unwelcome invasion of his/her personal distance can be usefully exploited in
some cases. “For example, one of the
popular interrogation techniques is to intimidate the suspect by getting very
close to invade his intimate zone. Then, while he is helpless, try to exploit
his vulnerability and discomfort to extract information” (Tarakanov, n.d.). People that we feel at ease around and have a good
relationship with are accepted in personal zone, which is an easy and relaxed space for “talking,
shaking hands, gesturing and making faces” (Tarakanov,
n.d.). Depending on personal preference and affection, this zone may
contain some smaller divisions but the main point is that the more we like
someone, the closer we tend to sit or stand to him/her. This is the reason why
people of the same group have a tendency of sitting in same table when they
attend parties and even in the same group, people often choose to sit next to
the person they share more things in common and feel comfortable to talk to.