ISM – Independent Study Mentorship Essay

The Independent study mentorship program or better known as ISM is truly what it sounds, as it is an independent study in which the student is not only treated as a learner of the teacher, the ISM instructor, but yet accepted as a fellow thinker because independent research and an innovative approach is highly encouraged.

The reason as to why I would like to be a part of this brilliant opportunity is because I get to study and research the topics and information that would fit into the profession that I seek to get more opportunities other than the psychology classes that I already had and will take next year, to have a chance to see how the environment in the real world is while I spend time working with my mentor, and to have the opportunity to create a portfolio and resume with the instructor rather than myself.

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This class is a special GT program that goes far and beyond the normal confines of a class room and is certainly not restricted to a specific curriculum that the students are to go by everyday as they are not to learn the same thing. Every student is aspiring to become a different professional as one would like to be a pediatrician while the other chooses to be an actor. This class will only focus on the topic that I would like to study and add onto what I already know from the Psychology class that I took first semester.

For instance the Little Albert experiment that proved that emotional reactions could be conditioned into a person, the boy named Albert in this case, which could in turn be triggered by a stimulus. In this experiment, the boy was conditioned to be scared of a white rat which was presented with a harsh sound that frightened the child. The boy was never afraid of the rat before but was conditioned to have the emotional reaction of fear when the stimulus, the rat, was seen. Now I want to use what I learned in my Psychology class and find the possibilities and ways to apply these methods into the field when I become a psychiatrist myself.

I want to basically amplify and insert all these theories into real life. During second semester after I have compiled my research and studied the different experiments, I get to find and meet my mentor who is working as a professional in the field of psychiatry. A mentor would be the one that shares the same if not more of the enthusiasm and passion in the science of Psychology. I began to find a passion in this study ever since I was around the age of ten years old when I started to realize that I wanted o be somebody that wanted to help people. I always had the sense to help people out with their problems as I always found joy in helping and that I learned from the other person’s mistakes and sought to never repeat them again. I thought of finding and figuring out somebody’s fault in decisions the same way as people study History so they don’t repeat the same mistakes again. I basically found interest in psychiatry by simple joy of helping someone out and to find personal gain in learning off of others mistakes.

I would love to see my mentor applying the same passion into his career and get to see how the works done before hand, even before I graduate high school. One of the best benefits of getting into this class is to be able to have an entire portfolio and professional grade resume that would be helpful in showing off to colleges. The portfolio that regular students don’t really construct would be a strong advantage into applying for college to show strong work ethic and how much I know about the field that I would major in.

My portfolio would consist of all the research I have gathered throughout the year including all that I learned from the real world experience of working with the mentor. The best thing in my resume that would most certainly outshine the rest is the fact that it shows my internship with a mentor and most probably a good recommendation from him or her. This class is a unique opportunity of a life time for me to see first-hand as to how it would really feel to be in the field of Psychology. I want to have another great opportunity to study for what I want to be a professional in. That is what it means to be in the ISM program.