Introduction:In shows opinions and is made to

Introduction:In the book Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury discuss many topics that relate to our world and teach us a lesson on what can happen if we keep walking down a similar path threw characters that are just like us.  Fahrenheit 451 takes place in a dystopian future where books are illegal to have and burned if found. Many people are captured in the world of their T.V, where there is no content that shows opinions and is made to offend no one. In results of the government withholding information to their citizens, most don’t have any point of view and are stuck in the world of their T.V. Montag a character that burns books for a living starts questioning what he is doing and the control the government has over his own opinions. Through Montag’s journey, Ray Bradbury shows us that extreme censorship will not lead to a solution, instead, it will lead to more problems.   “It was a pleasure to burn” (p. 4)Guy Montag is one of many citizens who believes his government is doing the best for their residents. Guy is an firefighter, his job is to burn houses if the people whom live their obtain books. He takes pride in his job as he is doing what he believes is the right thing and supporting his government. Montag firmly believes that he is helping mankind by throwing away the source of opinions so no one could be offended by the content inside. Since technology had become such a big part in the citizen’s lives they threw away books out of laziness, the government went along with such lethargy since there would be no thinking involved in which they would obtain an easier group to control. “It was a pleasure to burn” refers to the way the government is forcing their own citizens to deteriorate their point of view by censoring everything that can give them ideas of retaliation against themselves thus making them easier to discipline. This image represents books being burned. The knowledge and power one book could give are slowly deteriorating in the fire and causing the citizens their education. This picture shows the censorship the government has done for their own benefit and the destruction they have caused to their own citizens. The books represent the civilians  and the fire represents the annihilation of their self thoughts and personality. Without personalities and concepts of their own, many will start to be unhappy creating more problems for the government to deal with, proving that their extreme censorship has lead them to a path of complications. Making readers ask if restricting unnecessary things will aid in our future.”The small crystal bottle of sleeping tablets which earlier today had been filled with thirty capsules and which now lay uncapped and empty in the light of the tiny flare” (p.14) As Montag enters back home he finds his wife almost dead, he immediately calls the M.D in order to save her life. After she was revived  Montag noticed the pill bottle that once was full, empty. He immediately starts questioning her and her feelings as she brushes it off and claims she had no memory of it. In their society being happy is considered a burden and not a feeling. They have no emotions and no self-thoughts due to the exertion of T.V, Mildred spent a life watching T.V with not one thought of her own in her head. This drew Mildred in a depression since she felt the restraint of having no opinions and the obligation of feeling happy in order to be deemed as a good citizen. Mildred attempt of suicide is considered nothing new to the M.D’s as it was the fourth time they’ve seen it that night. It shows the point of view of a citizen being controlled and demeaned by the government that she cares, for and the stigma around depression in their society.This image represents the attempted suicide of Mildred. The amount of T.V she was watching made her brainwashed and never having a thought of her own made her deeply unhappy. This picture shows how committed Mildred wanted to be to their government, it shows how depressed she was and how embarrassed she was about it that she felt no other choice than to kill herself. The restriction of books and the brainwashing from the technology have made many citizens miserable. The extreme censorship of peoples opinions and thoughts threw burning books and stigmas has caused more issues for the government as they are struggling to keep their citizens happy and alive. It shows the readers that censoring extra knowledge is not going to make others happy and instead bored and depressed out of their mind. “I’m antisocial they say I don’t mix. It’s so strange I’m very social indeed.”(p.33) Clarisse is considered different in the society since she is open to talking about her feelings, love of nature and curiosity of the past before books were considered illegal. Clarisse opens up new thoughts and makes Montag examine what he is doing with his life, he is bewildered by the energy of Clarisse and her curiosity. Montag let’s her open up as she exclaims that many consider her “antisocial”, he is surprised because he knows that the statement is untrue. In reality, the government has to censor her thoughts to the outside public by making her seem different in order for the other citizens do not believe anything she says and have thoughts of their own.  Clarisse was considered a “time-bomb” because she spoke her mind and the dangers of her telling many other people could cause the government a harder time of controlling their civilians. This shows that the government definitely does not like others to have a mind of their own and will take any risk to contain their citizens.   This image represents the way society sees Clarisse as different because she doesn’t like the things most people do. The government has made Clarisse seem like an introvert in order to prevent distractions so that they can keep their citizens thoughtless. The government provides many distractions for their fellows in order to keep them idea free like big TV’s, Fun Parks and races but these things don’t seem to interest Clarisse. Instead, Clarisse love’s nature since she does not fit into the standards of thinking the society has made her seem as if she is not normal. This picture shows that even though Clarisse lives in a society that loves people who follow the rules she is not afraid to express herself which shows that the definition of “normal” to the government applies to a specific group of people they can control through censorship but there will always be others that feel that the definition of “normal” is different that can cause more problems by questioning them. “There must be something in books, something we can’t imagine to make a woman stay in a burning house: there must be something there. You don’t stay for nothing.” (p, 48) Montag was brought to a woman’s house and was to burn it since she had books in her home. The woman refused and did not want the firefighters to burn her book since they meant so much to her. After an argument between her and Montag, she proceeds to light her books and herself on fire because she was not able to live a life without them. After the incident, Montag started questioning what was so important about books and wondered why a woman was willing to die instead of living without them. Montag then starts to smuggle in books and pretends to be sick so he won’t need to go to work and starts finding out what the government has been hiding. The woman had chose to die on her own accord since she obviously did not agree with the government’s idea of book burning, she decided to kill herself in an attempt to prove a point that without knowledge no one can live happily. This situation proves that the government’s decision of censoring books causes more problems to their civilians than benefits. This image represents the lady and her beloved books burning together. It shows that no matter what new fun things the government can implement, knowledge and ideas found in books make people content. This picture shows how devoted the woman was to her books which affected her happiness and the impact and importance of them in their society. The knowledge gathered from these books make everyone think and formulate their own opinions. It represents the ability to expand their minds and  integrate it with  their own personal opinion making it stronger. It also represents what the government does not want to see: people with their own set of thinking since they will have an objection to their rules which will make the civilians harder to control, it explains how the censorship the government is over using is starting to create more problems than solutions since a lot of people are being killed by it.   “Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of facts they feel stuffed but absolutely ‘brilliant with information’. They’ll feel they’re thinking” (p. 58)While Montag was sick his boss-Beatty came to explain why books were banned in their society. He also continued to explain that the government was cramming people with information that is useless in order to make them feel smart and accomplished without giving them any power. Montag doesn’t believe what he is hearing and thinks that the government is not  doing the right thing. His opinions started to change on how he saw the world and everyone around him. He started to grow crazier as he knew the restriction the government has put on everyone where unfair. The government has chosen to destroy their civilians future by not letting them exclaim there thoughts and cramming them with useless information they will never use. The censorship of important information from the students show that they do not care for future and the problems leading up to it,  but just for control.This image represents the “useless information” being injected into students head in order for them to feel accomplished. This shows that the government does not care for any future generation or any future problem and their only care is how to get control. By stuffing useless information they can trick people into thinking they are learning but in reality they are censoring them from their own personal thoughts and opinions in order to gain full control. This picture represents how the future will turn out living in a world for of censorship: opinionless and when they are ready to get to work they will not be able to aid themselves or think critically in different situations since that information was restricted to them in the first place causing more problems.  “But who has ever torn himself from the claw that encloses you when you drop a seed in a TV parlour? It grows you any shape it wishes! It is an environment as real as the world. It becomes and is the truth” (p.58) Beatty explains to Montag that nobody can tear themselves apart from their TV because it provides the watcher some imagination. He tells Montag that any problem can be solved by putting a TV in front of anybody. He uses war as an possible example by implying that nobody would notice an war starting if they were watching there TV. The government has manipulated the way others think by what they put on TV. Even though Beatty claims that watching TV sparks the watcher’s imagination it actually does the opposite, it forces an opinion on the viewer. By doing so the government can change how society thinks since they have also created technology loving citizens. The censorship of entitlement of their opinions are hidden since they feel as if the society is more secure, but as technology starts brainwashing people they would create mindless people that would not even get up out of their seat creating harder problems for controlment. This image represents the brainwashing of technology and how no one ever pays attention to the real world. In this image there are people sitting on the couch hypnotized by the TV while a bomb goes off and nobody notices. This shows that technology is brainwashing everybody and pulling them into a world that doesn’t exist. By only letting them watch TV they have been dumbed down and now can’t even pay attention to the world around them. It shows that the citizens have not been entitled to an opinion which has caused them not to care about anything but what’s on TV. This censorship of knowledge has caused so many problems that many now can’t even think straight which causes fewer people helping build a bigger and better future.”They’re faking you threw them off at the river (…) they’re sniffing for a scapegoat to end things with a bang.” (p.148) After Montag had ran away from the city he had met a group a group of activist who believed in the power of books. While Montag had escaped by the river he was being hunted at the opposite side of the town. Since the police knew it would take more than 1 day to find Montag they decided to find an innocent man that can play off like Montag. They found an innocent man and had wrongfully arrested him for Montag’s crime. The government had censored out the real truth because they did not want to seem weak so instead they lied to their civilians and fed false information to them. Many citizens think that the government is a hero and saved their lives from “dangerous” Montag they will celebrate their victory while the government is actually hurting them by arresting one of their innocent resident. This image represents the civilians clapping and cheering for the government’s “victory”. Instead, the government had lost and was trying to get the Montag out of the public eye. It shows that the TV is not used for entertainment purposes but to brainwash and inform the “truth” to everyone in a believable manner. It shows how the government can manipulate a mess they caused by taking advantage of their short attention span they can show the “solution” happening and then everyone would go on about their day and forget it ever happened. The censorship and misguided information will cause problems because at one point the citizens will find out the truth like Montag and will do the same he does in order for their government to lose control.  Conclusion: In conclusion, extreme censorship will lead to bigger complications by the way people react to it, the way you treat them and the way you keep it a secret. There are many real-world examples on the censorship of knowledge and power, by the banning of books and the censorship on the internet. Fahrenheit 451 shows us that if we continue down the path of extreme censorship we will end up with bigger things to worry about. The book shows us all the knowledge and power books hold inside and that speaking out and communicating our opinions is the only way we will be able to fix what we want to be fixed. Ray Bradbury taught us that that communication and context matters if we want us to have a successful future and anyone’s opinion has the right to be considered.