Introduction society. Morever, the fundamental position of

Introduction The are many definitions of globalization from experts that are different from one to another but have strong relationship between them. One of the experts, Jan Aart Scholte states that “globalization stands out for quite a large public spread across the world as one of the defining terms of late twentieth-century social consciousness”.Globalization can be best defined as the change of habit in expressing cultural, economic and political roles which also contributes to the crisis and development of many countries that connected globally. Moreover, it can be stated that globalisation is the ways that new tradition in public marketing, media and informative technology, political power and educational system grow and develop in every countries (Held, 1999). Aceh as the part of Indonesia region is also facing as the same globalizational condition as  in that countries. After long period of war and Tsunami disaster, Aceh government is strunggling to restructure the system of politic, economy and education to help Aceh improving standard of civilization after being invaded by Indonesia soldiers and fighting for freedom for many years. Aceh government must focus on problem solving of political policies, economic sustainability, educational system and globalization’s challenges. In this era of technology development, it can be dangerous for regional government to make policy that is not fit with the requirement of globalisation. In addition, there are many discussion about who will get benefits of globalization and who gets the disadvantages of it (Mehdi, 2006). The great influence of technology which send negative perspective towards government that is not following today’s need. If the government slowly react the issues of globalisation influences, consequently it can lead to unstable politic, unstainable economic program, and educational chaos in the society. Morever, the fundamental position of Aceh government nationally and internationally will be changed to be worst and under pressure of another region or country. Economic StrategiesThe majority of people in Aceh today are farmers. They rely on agricultural lands, sufficient fertilizers, irrigation and help from government. In addition, to improve harvest of the farmers and produce good income for them, generally for all acehnese people. The people has to transform into the era when a commodity and investment will bring people to the top of markets’ profit (Fromm, 1995). Government needs to apply some strategies to fight for a balanced condition of economy and solve the problems of poverty and unimployment. By applying strategies, government do not get the instant changes in the society but it can be faster in economic development if people can collaborate and work together with government. Especially, for private companies in Aceh who can support sponsorship to fullfil farming tool and farmers requirement in hope that Acehness people will be able to be independent in natural resources and family income to pay for education and social needs.However, trying to develop economic sector is not that easy, there must be obstacles that distract and challenge government.The distraction may be privates company from outside of Aceh region or multi-national company which are master in managing products promotion, getting sponsorship, economic management and selling products. Aceh farmers will potentially defeated in the competition of todays’ economy if government do not support them in understanding economy condition, teaching how to produce satiesfatory harvest and managing advertisement.The following strategies can be applied in the case and provide solutions of economic problems that in no circumstances must be solved in the same time to help Acehnese people competing in the global economy competition and get a welfare of life.2.1. Strenghtening Agricultural Sector The strategy of paying much more attention on the development of agricultural sector will be effective to increase family income of farmers in Aceh. That because most of Acehnesse people are working as farmer and rely on lands and harvests. In addition, aceh government must prioritize needs and farming tools such as fertilizers, tractors and so on to increase the quantity of farmers’ harvest to improve their family condition and spread balanced incomes for them to be used as the financial support to daily activity needs and for children’s education.2.2. Developing Industrial Sector Focusing on industrial sector, the government will potentially get benefit of economic strategy. Additionally, the profit of regional industry can be used to build schools and government  institution. It is very promising action to create welfare around  the region because all infrastructures is fullfiled and the mobility of economic development is gained. There is big opportunities for Aceh to develop industrial sector, with todays’ technology and big amount of money that given to Aceh by Indonesia government, it is possible to add several more industries and factories that can collaborate with international private company to get many profits at the end of the day. Additionally, unimployed people can also work and get money by working in industry because there will be many workers needed to do many jobs and automatically will rescue Acehnese people to live under poverty pressures. Building Online MarketingThe economic habit in globalisation era is changing in some ways in Aceh. Today, most of shopes are promoting and selling their products online by using social media and websites. In the other side, traditional markets are still working but there are many possibilities in the future that these market will be removed and costumers will change their ways of buying and bargaining products.Realizing the right of Aceh to conduct trade in the regionally and internationally, government should create online marketing to sell regional products, promote Aceh economy innovation and make spaces for all people of Aceh to work online by selling their own products and managing websites. The success of implementing the strategy is to invite Acehnesse people to take part in new habit of economic development and transfer a better life for every family.Beside that, government of Aceh can stimulate the grow of economy following the strategy by providing communications networks in Aceh to help Acehness people who in majority is the farmer to plan economy efficiently. Providing better information information devices that can be used daily, government contributes to set the clear flow of economic development in every levels of society. Moreover, farmers will find potential costumers of their product and get profit from that because the mobility of marketing is in the farmers’ hand.Political StrategiesMOU Helsinki is a political strenght of Acehnesse people to control natural, cultural and human resources to escape from poverty and unfairness. Additionally, MOU is a politic device to manage aceh regional income effectively that orientates to public welfare, political stability, and economic balance to create a better life that all acehnese people hope. In the other side, the western people try to dominate the change of the world by using technology. If Aceh government does not react actively, Aceh will fail to compete and be marginalized to the competition of globalization  (Muhamad, 2003). In the other hand, Aceh government transitional period remains some challenges that have to be fixed by government such as poverty and unimployment. If the problems can not be solved by government authority. Consequently, that condition can reduce the credibility of government which relates to effectiveness of freedom that has been built in Aceh.Developing political mobility, Aceh government has to work hard to plan and execute strategies that are able to minimise the unbalanced development in society. The strategies that can be implemented in this case are:3.1. Utilising Wali Nanggroe Power  There are many people in Aceh that still questioning about the roles Wali Naggroe related to his power as the main person to utilise, control and monitor the social, cultural and political development of Aceh. Basically, Aceh as a special region who rely on the policies of Wali Nanggroe has huge opportunity to create self-government which is really different from  Indonesia as a whole. Aceh government can react freely to international issues and engage with international countries to seek for opportunity of getting new social innovation, technology improvement and ways to explore rich natural resources of Aceh which is very promising. Moreover, Aceh government has flexibility to engage with international organisation, contries and institution which is not restricted by Indonesia government because that point is agreed in MOU Helsinki. In the other word, this means that Aceh government has the power to promote tourism sites, sell regional products, and get chances to develop Aceh fundamentally to be stronger in every side in society In the other hand, superior countries in the world is mantaining their political movement that leave poor country behind the competition and political development (Arifin, 2004).  In contrast, the reaction of Aceh government towards good civilisation is minimum than what Aceh can do. Eventhough Aceh owns the power of creating new self-government, it can be stated that Acehnesse people still rely on the policies  that produced by Indonesia government although the local government has the power too.  The strategy of utilising the power of Wali Naggroe and Aceh government wisely is effective strategy to build good economy, political and cultural situation in Aceh after long period of war against unfair policies of Indonesia government and heal the scar of Acehnesse people after the conflict. Additionally, Acehnesse people need to be sure that the implementation of  MOU Helsinki between GAM (Aceh Freedom Movement) and Indonesia government is applying in the right path and giving better outcomes to Acehnesse people to face globalization influences.  3.2. Implementing Islamic Syariah The implementation of islamic rules in Aceh gets several challenges from some human rights organisations across the globe. The organisations critise the rules of Islam and state that they do not really understand about human rights protection in Aceh. They way that they perceive the issue is very different from Islamic path of life which much more rely on the belief of religion values (Al-Attas, 1978).However, their statement and critics are not relevant to the perspective of moslim that protecting other people rights, especially the people who do not commit to any rules breaking is more important. By punishing the ones committing to Islamic crimes, it spontaneously gives moral values to other moslim of how the good civilisation of Islam is and what must and must not to do as a moslim. In addition, Islamic rules implementation  in Aceh do not break any human right protection that Al-qur’an and hadist has strongly taught. So, Aceh government must fully implement islamic rules to fullfil the requirement of islamic region and create islamic atmosphere in every sector of life in Aceh to protect the rights of acehnesse people to develop and get self-improvement in rapid movement of globalisation. Realising the points of MOU HelsinkiThere are many points that government need to implement based on the special condition and policies of  Acehnese government to build good foundation of politic movement  in MOU Helsinki. Aceh people have great power to create new local party as a political device. This special condition can be a great energy for Aceh government to escape from influences of Indonesia government and international people to control Aceh in political sector. Acehnese people can be the candidate of governor to be choosen if joining political local parties. Moreover, it can be fair if the people that want to be candidate get support from public through independent mecanism.Another significant point that must be implemented in Aceh is the power of making economic, political and educational engagement nationally and internationally. Because this era is when the moral quality is low, many crimes painful violence and this time when the characteristic of moeslim is weak and defeated (Hassan, 2003). Actually, It can be great energy for Aceh to try to be self-independent government which is not rely on the policies and support from Indonesia government. Aceh government is able to mantaining economic development, restructuring educational system based on needs in today’s globalization, realising the stable government which empower moslim and implement all islamic rules in Aceh as an essential requirement of all Acehnese people if consistently apply the special power of government.   Educational StrategiesEducation system is a foundation of every nation, Included Aceh. In the golden age of moslim, many moslim scholar explored and gave contribution to the development of knowledge and science but none of western people did (Abbas, 2011). However, today is the time for western to take over the position of moslim at that era.The issue of education development is one of concern of Aceh government in the era of Irwandi Yusuf and Nova Iriansyah. Educational quality in Aceh bis still critised by stakeholders and public because that many teachers do not pass the national teacher competence test. However, it is shame that tecahers who teach knowledge can not acquire good education and teaching skills which affect to development of educational quality in Aceh.Beside the issues of uncompetent teachers who can not be professional, unsufficient educational building, facilities and electricity supply in Aceh do not support the effective teaching-learning process at school. However, that are basic requirement of the successful learning and effective study, because it help teachers teaching at the classroom and students learning something beneficial study for their bright future. In short, to deal with these huge problems, government need to consider teachers performance and students learning acquisition. The way to consider these are to give education to candidate of teachers and provide good learning tool and requirement to students.Educational strategies that can improve the quality of teachers and facilities requirement in education are:4.1. Improving teachers’ qualityLow quality of teachers gives bad impact to educational development (Shor, 1987). Therefore, to solve this problem, the faculty of education at universities of Aceh have to apply certain mecanism in the process of recruitment of students, Such as providing high level of test procedures to produce new competent teacher candidates. Essentialy,  Teachers will deliver and explain not anly about the subject, but also the world issues (Walsh, 1999).That process is significant to determine the basic quality of students’ intelligence, emotion and passion in the field of interest. Moreover, Aceh regional educational affairs must be involved in department of education assessment to fit student abilities to today’s demand.In the other hand, teachers who are professional and competent in the field find it is difficult to deal with low-achieving students. Consequently, teachers will be forced to get used to the ability and student’s motivation in learning when they are teaching at the classroom.4.2.  Providing Sufficient FacilitiesInsufficient  facilities contribute to an uniffective learning and teaching process.. The facilities that should Aceh government provide such as good reading books and technology devices that support students at school to enrich themselves with unlimited sources of knowledge. For example, by using digital library , learners and researchers can access free books and international reports (Kellner, 2000).In contrast, the data shown that most of schools in Aceh still struggling to fullfil learning requirement and keep continuing teaching and learning process at those schools. But, it seems that Aceh government can not utilise the special autonomy incomes to  be allocated in educational sector in Aceh. 4.3. Choosing Professional Leaders of  EducationSchool head masters are the leaders that help schools to improve the achievement. Therefore, choosing the right leaders is quite important work to be done by government.  Government must consider academic intelligences of headmasters and the skill of leadership. These are really crucial for the bright future of education in Aceh. If government not choosing the professional one,educational affairs must be in crisis situation. Because, the one who responsible to control, supervise and manage school structures and improvement  can not communicate today’s educational issues and solve academic problems in Aceh. Government must take part as a provider of education to candidates to continue their study in the next degree and check every detail of requirement of being professional leaders.