Internet to High School Student Essay

Is Internet a good tool for high school student? From my point of view, the internet is the greatest tool since Guttenberg’s movable type. It allows the gathering of information instantly and at your fingertips. It is a library in your home. It certainly does help in the search for info (as long as the source site is credible). Most of the time (not all though.. ), facts found through the net are so much more updated than what we can find in textbooks. teacher of ours lets us pass homework through email, and believe me, it’s so much easier for all of us. Internet is a very useful tool for high school students because it’s the internet which will give a high school student more information beyond the syllabus or about more addition all information about the topics or subject which are studied in there school. But if it is wrongly used it may destroy the student’s mind – many examples are taking place in the NEWS.

So, it’s the duty of the school to that the student must use internet in presence of the teachers who will guide and also keep an eye on them. Internet is a very useful tool for high school students. By use carefully, with caution as to whether the information is accurate, and with boundaries, certainly useful. It will be more easier for students to do their work, also for the teacher to mark.

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